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When you’ve finally decided to buy a brand new toilet, you need to put a few essential aspects under scrutiny to ensure that you're buying the best toilet for your needs. Such as: flush type, bowl shape, seat height and price.

Having a clean and capable toilet leaves a great impression to anyone who visits your home. It’s also an important asset for homeowners wanting to ensure good health for their family members.

Given that our toilets account for around 24% of the world's daily water usage, picking an efficient toilet is a must. The modern and technically advanced models are blessed with features that ensure excellent water efficiency without compromising on performance. Let's take a look at a few of my favorite ones. 

Comparison of 21 Best Toilets in 2019


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21 Best Toilets Reviews in 2019

Toto is an abbreviation for Toyo Toki and is headquartered in Kitakyusu, Japan. Toto manufactured plumbing fixtures were the first of their kinds to transform the Toto toilet market in the Western World.

Today, Toto is one of the largest manufacturers of premium bathroom fittings. Every Toto model is carefully chiseled from a premium grade ceramic china for ultimate sturdiness and longevity. The strong technical specs offer great flushing dynamics without over using water.

The majority of Toto models are WaterSense certified, meaning they stick to the U.S. regulation of using a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

1. Toto Drake II

Presently, the Toto Drake II leads the pack. Toto Drake II is a single-flush toilet with monstrous flushing power. Being a certified High Efficiency Toilet (HET), it consumes only 1.28 gallons of water per flush to erase solid waste material completely from the bowl with a flush rate power of 800 grams, the best in its class.

The Double Cyclone Flushing System drives the entire action here. It activates a massive centrifugal action in the rim and bowl, thrusting the water through the rim nozzles and spinning it at a blazing speed to clear up the surface.

The flush valve is almost 3 more inches than the standard flush valves used in flushing toilets. Another big plus is the larger, fully glazed 2-1/8 inch Computer-designed trapway that directs large masses of waste material straight down to the drain hole, leaving no scope for clogging the tube.Drake II proudly adorns a WaterSense label, testifying its ability to save up to 20% water per flush than the traditional 1.6 GPF toilets.

On top of that, it also carries an approval from the ADA, which means these toilets are tall enough to provide great leg support to people of all ages, especially elders with knee issues.

  • Overall sleek design, the elongated bowl shape offers ample support to the hips and thighs.
  • Left-oriented, chrome-plated trip lever makes flushing easier.
  • The double cyclone flushing system cancels maximum noise, so that you can flush the toilet without disturbing anyone in the house at night.
  • Easy to install and faster tank refilling.
  • High water efficiency and larger flush valve and trapway.

2. Toto Ultramax II

Low-water consumption and unbeatable performance packed in one toilet, that’s Ultramax II in a nutshell for you. The sleek one-piece design makes washing the toilet very easy.

If you have a small bathroom, a one-piece toilet will save a lot of room. Ultramax II is one of the best HET models in the market. The seamless bowl design helps reduce and inhibit mold and fungus growth, due to the absence of holes in the rim.

The double Cyclone Flushing mechanism creates tremendous water pressure in the bowl, spinning away all of the waste at once, using only 1.28 gallons of water. The entire operation is done silently, unlike cheaper toilets that produce growling noises while flushing.

The seat surface is coated with a unique glazing that was formulated by the company itself. It’s called SanaGloss. It not only gives the seat a mirror-like shine but also prevents the build up of odor-causing germs and bacteria around the toilet. That just makes Ultramax II a perfect fit for a hygienic bathroom.

To make sure nobody has a hard time sitting on the toilet seat, the height of the model meets ADA regulations, making it a comfortable choice for everyone, especially senior citizens.

  • The toilet includes a SoftClose toilet seat so you don’t need to buy one separately. This type of seat shuts slowly and quietly, instead of slamming shut.
  • Minimal water consumption saves a lot of money on your monthly water bill.
  • The elongated one-piece toilet has a sleek, sophisticated profile to match the decor of every bathroom, big and small.
  • Easy to clean, includes self-cleaning features like seamless rim design and SanaGloss glaze coating to resist the growth of germs, mildew, mold, bacteria and similar particles.

3. Toto Connelly

If you are particularly searching for a dual-flush type toilet, here is another outstanding option from Toto. Connelly is a two-piece toilet, meaning it has a separate tank and an elongated bowl.

The unit is a WaterSense certified high efficiency model, requiring just a little more than 1 gallon of water to do the job. Among the bundle of attractive features, the Dual-Max Cyclone Flushing System has grabbed quite a lot of attention.

It is a lethal combination of double cyclone and dual flush technology, combining the best of both worlds to deliver extraordinary performance every single time.

The mechanism works this way: the two nozzles located on either sides of the rim, housed with a 3rd nozzle at the bottom of the bowl play a pivotal role in forming the 3-D tornado flush. The dual flushing method includes a partial-flushing mode for liquid waste removal, using 0.9 GPF.

The concealed trapway design makes maintaining the toilet's cleanliness convenient for the owners. The elongated bowl has an added advantage over round bowls for providing extra support to the butt and thighs. The ADA approved seat height is a relief for people with poor physical conditions and senior citizens.

  • Dual-Max Flushing technology combines the two most powerful methods of flushing: double cyclone and dual flush for maximum impact.
  • Elongated bowl and ADA compliant seat height makes it a comfortable experience for individuals of every age, especially elders.
  • The concealed trapway gives the toilet a neat profile.

4. Toto Supreme

Looking at the variety of designs and technologies Toto has put on display, calling them one of the best flushing toilet manufacturers of this era doesn’t seem like an overstatement. An independent lab test proved that Toto Supreme’s maximum performance flush rate is 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Gravity pull teamed with robust centrifugal force creates a cyclonic flushing power that effectively rinses away solid waste from every inch of the bowl.

The 3 inch flushing valve (larger than the conventional 2 inch valves) transfers water from the tank to the rim nozzles at a formidable speed. The elongated bowl shape provides greater comfort to your knees and butt than standard round shaped models. Since the wastage is flushed down the pipe directly towards the sewer, the annoying issue of splashing back is largely reduced.

5. TOTO Vespin II Two-Piece High Efficiency

TOTO Vespin II with Sana Gloss Elongated Toilet is designed with an integrated tank for a seamless and easy to clean design without any crevices, hooks or corners. It is made with a comfortable seat height that offers individuals very comfortable sitting positions.

The seat and the lid are not included in the packaging but a clear instructions booklet is, the booklet can be used as a guide on how to set it up and adjust all the necessary screws and bolts.

Moreover, it is very water efficient and the canister flush packs a strong water push to eliminate any possible clogs due to waste, paper, or other waste. However, customers have reported that the flushing does make a little more noise than other models in this price segment.

American Standard was a joint venture of Henry Ott and Theodor Ahrens that began in the 1800s. They started out as just another manufacturer of plumbing equipment, but they gradually went on to become one of the most widely recognized names in the toilet industry, due to their sheer dedication and knack towards innovation.

Their modern toilet designs have set a benchmark for other companies to follow. The best part about American Standard is the massive variety of models. From small to deluxe there is an American Standard toilet fit for every type.

1. American Standard Champion-4

Champion-4 from American Standard is one of those unique of models that are capable of giving a tough contest to Toto toilets. Construction-wise, it is a one-piece toilet which means washing the toilet won’t be the nastiest household chore anymore.

Considering the price, this one falls into the category of the luxurious toilets, suitable for spacious bathrooms in big houses and expensive hotels. People of all heights and body weight experience optimal comfort on the ADA-height compliant seat.

Coming to the product specs, it has a lot of attractions hidden within. It holds the capability to evacuate 70% more waste material than any other toilet in its league. It features a 4 inch accelerator flush valve, which is 2 times wider than what we find in standard toilets. This allows it to push a large amount of water through the nozzles, thereby racking up cyclonic speed to clear up the surface in less than a few seconds.

Moreover, it is geared with the largest trapway in the entire industry, arming it the exceptional power of flushing the waste down. The innovative EverClean Surface of the bowl stunts the growth of bacteria and molds that lead to stink and yellow stain build-up around the edge of the toilet seat.

If all these weren’t enough to satisfy your requirements, let me inform you that the Champion-4 is covered by the company’s universal 10 year warranty. You can purchase the repair of replacement parts straight from the manufacturer online.

  • Great water efficiency, removes 70% more waste material than any regular toilet at a water intake of 1.6 gallon.
  • The EverClean Surface keeps the toilet seat sanitized on its own. No need of using expensive chemicals or cleaning agents to rinse the toilet.
  • Widest trapway and flushing valve in the toilet industry.

2. ​American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise

There’s nothing uglier than skid marks on your toilet seats. Ordinary flushing toilets aren’t powerful enough to deliver the flushing speed required to rinse tough stains in one flush, but the American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise is no ordinary toilet.

The next model on my list is American Standard Cadet-3 FloWise, known for its specialization in wiping off every trace of skid marks from the toilet, leaving you with a hygienic, pleasantly clean bathroom.

Its one-of-a-kind Cadet-3 flushing system consists of a chemical and distort-resistant 3 inch flush valve for accelerated water volume flow per flush. This translates to almost 80% faster water flow than regular 2 inch valves. The fully glazed 2-1/8 inch trapway limits the occurrence of clogging and evacuates 1000 grams of solid waste with every flush.

FloWise is an ADA compliant toilet, which is indicative of the optimum level of comfort it provides for the users. With a rim height of only 16.5 inch, people of any age can avail maximum knee support for a satisfactory experience.

 The toilet bowl surface is made from the best quality vitreous china for long lasting performance. Add to that, it is glazed with silver-ion additives to create an anti-bacterial EverClean surface for improved hygiene.

  • The large trapway and extra wide flush valve plays a key role in initiating blazing flushing action for maximum efficiency.
  • The ADA approved toilet design provides a comfortable toilet experience for everyone.
  • The bowl, made of a highly durable vitreous china is fully glazed inside out with ion additives for bacteria prevention and shiny surface.
  • Works faster than most other toilets in its category.

The toilet designs of Kohler draw their inspiration heavily from Victorian style home furnishings. If artistically crafted toilet seats, adorned with floral motifs interests you, then Kohler is your go-to brand.

With that being said, Kohler toilets are more than just a delight to the eye. They are also known for introducing technologies far ahead of their time in their finely designed toilet models. David Kohler and Herbert Kohler Jr. started Kohler in 1873.

1. Kohler Santa Rosa

Kohler toilets are adored for their aesthetically pleasing designs, logical features, and the latest flushing technology all rolled into one toilet. The Santa Rosa series is one of the most successful projects of Kohler.

So, what makes the Santa Rosa more than just eye-candy? For aggressive flushing, it uses a Class Five Flushing technology that is aided by a 3-1/4 inch canister flush valve.

Through the tank, the water jets out to the bowl in high volume to generate high velocity siphonic action to push large masses of waste through the trapway, leaving behind zero traces of stains on the bowl.

After each flush, the tank is refilled quickly to get ready for the next flush. The inside out glazed 2-1/8 inch trapway is specifically designed to handle large volumes of waste, reducing the risk of clogging, a very common problem with standard toilets.

The High efficiency model boasts of a Comfort Height feature, in common terms, it means the height of the toilet seat is equal to a normal chair height, making it more comfortable for everyone.

  • Comfort seat design for a satisfying toilet experience, especially for aged people and folks with serious physical conditions.
  • Beautiful, sleek exterior that’ll act as a fine decorative piece for any toilet.
  • Use of powerful Class Five Flushing Action for an incredible after-effect.

2. Kohler Cimarron

This model from Kohler is another very popular toilet. The primary feature of an ideal flushing toilet is the removal of the waste from every inch of the bowl surface with one flush, in that regard, Cimarron Toilet qualifies itself as an ideal toilet.

The extremely high water volume flow to the bowl, combined with a canister flush valve initiates thunderous flushing action using Kohler’s proprietary Class Five Flushing technology.

The optimal water usage of 1.28 gallon is compliant with U.S. standards. Installing the fixture calls for no rigorous sweat shedding, the credit goes to the Exclusive DryLock System that eliminates the need for calling a professional plumber if you have a few basic tools in your toolbox.

The chair-seat height of the toilet provides an enjoyable experience for every user. The two-piece construction comes with an elongated bowl with a standard 12” rough-in dimension, suitable for medium to large toilets.

  • A complete flushing solution, incorporating the premium Class Five Flushing method to eradicate waste, forcing it straight down to the main sewage system, wiping off the skid marks for a fully sanitised, clean toilet.
  • The Exclusive DryLock System makes setting up the fixture a DIY affair. If you have a little experience with plumbing methods, you won’t need to call for professional help.
  • Elongated bowl design and ADA approved seat height makes for a comfortable toilet sitting affair.

There is nothing more frustrating than walking miles in search for a loo when you’re camping in a location people hardly set foot in. For adventure travelers, owning a strong portable toilet is absolutely necessity.

Doing it in the open field or in the brush can trigger skin infections in the groin area. Untreated human waste is the holy grail for disease-causing germs and bacteria. Portable toilets collect the feces in a special plastic bag and discharge it in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Strong building quality and comfortable seat height are the two other vital features to take into account while shopping for any toilet. Don’t fall prey to the gimmicks of those cheap foldable toilets with questionable stability. On-the-go toilets provide a great toilet experience when you’re in places where finding a loo is harder than understanding quantum physics overnight.

1. The Travel Toilet

The idea behind the design of this portable toilet was to keep it as simple as possible. Ease of portability comes from two things: compact design and being lightweight. The Travel Toilet is blessed with both.

It has received some great responses from its userbase who have used it for outdoor travelling. The fragile appearance is deceptive. The construction is sturdy enough to bear the weight of a healthy adult, the stands on the bottom packs the model with an extra dose of stability.

The portable toilet comes with 8 special bio-bags, specially designed to accumulate human waste and dispose of in a hygienic manner. The waste is collected in the bag and securely held on by the double layered seat. The standard size and height of the on-the-go toilet is on par with regular toilets, offering a comfortable toilet experience even when there is no typical toilet around you.

The price is definitely on the higher side but the tough construction and quality performance makes it far better than regular collapsible camping toilets available at a cheaper rates. If you’re planning to extend your trip, you can easily purchase extra bio-bags online to keep an extra stock in case you run out of the existing ones.

  • Solid design, great stability and as lightweight as any other foldable camping toilet. The Travel Toilet can seamlessly take care of a large person without collapsing.
  • The standard chair-size height delivers optimal comfort just like a quality toilet made for brick and mortar bathrooms.
  • The bio-bags hold the collected waste material securely and empties it in an appropriate manner to ensure maximum sanitation.

Composting toilets are a great option for those who care for the environment. The composting method helps transform good-for-nothing feces into an excellent fertilizer which can be used for gardening.

The best composting models feature a self-contained design and require no electricity to activate the process. Having a good seal is a matter of utter importance if you don’t wish your olfactory nerves to jump out of your nose due to the disgusting smell.

The next critical feature to look at is the existence of proper air vents to exhaust the fumes, just as in case of mobile ACs. You will also need a cranking handle for stirring the compost properly. Peat moss is the most commonly used agent in the basin to activate the composite process.

1. Nature’s Head Self-Contained

As far as durability is concerned, very few composting toilets can match the high standard set by Nature’s Head Self-Contained Toilets. Primarily designed for marine use, the sturdy stainless steel construction is capable of withstanding heavy use over long periods of time.

The best feature of the product is the quality of composting. The unit is completely odor-free, plus, there is a cranking handle to shift the compost properly to its place for maximum effectiveness.

The self-contained design has a separate chamber for the liquid waste, making the composting process faster. Portable composting toilets like this can be used simply anywhere such as, condominiums, RVs, cabins, trucks and campsites or anywhere a proper bathroom facility is scarce. The air circulation built-in fan recycles and purifies the air to facilitate a healthy environment for everyone.

2. Separett Villa

This Swedish model from Separett applies different mechanisms for liquid and solid waste individually. The fan attached to the composite toilet vents the moisture from the solid waste in order to reduce the mass and gradually dry it out completely.

The same feature increases the containing capacity of the toilet. The self-contained waterless toilet model is compact and highly portable. Many people are worried the waterless option will not contain the odor.

However, in this composting toilet model the well engineered built-in fan runs 24/7 pushing away the smells from the toilet. The urine separating design makes processing the urine a less complex affair, eliminating the use of any electric heater or rotating mechanism.

The feces is accumulated in a sturdy compostable plastic bag. When the bag gets full, you have to discharge the waste into the compost bin. Since the waste never comes in direct contact with the inner chamber of the toilet, the surface remains dry and clean all the time. The model is ETL certified, enduring optimum sanitation and cleanliness for a healthy environment.

  • Innovative design, separate chamber for urine and solid waste promotes effective composting more so than old-school composting toilets with complex mechanisms.
  • Easy to clean up, empty and install. The powerful built-in fan helps exhaust the odor completely through the vents.

1. Woodbridge Dual Flush Elongated

The Woodbridge toilet by popular opinion looks very luxurious with its sleek and clean design. It is also very easy to clean as the toilet is designed to have minimal crevices, corners and grooves.

Moreover, the skirted trapway creates a flawless look and enables easy cleaning plus the dual flush system only uses about 1.2 gallons of water per flush making this Woodbridge model very water efficient.

Furthermore, the toilet uses a syphoned flushing tube that reduces noise and helps prevent leaks, clogs and other problems caused by waste. The seat is designed to have an optimal height for seating and standing and does not weigh much when compared to other similar models.

The toilet is made using high-quality ceramic and comes with a pre-installed seat, wax ring, bolts and a very clear instruction booklet. Plus, the packaging contains a hand wrench for tightening the bolts and screws. Also, the toilet has been tested for water efficiency and found to comply with the strict UPS and CSA guidelines.

Dual Flush Toilet

1. TOTO Aquia Wall Hung

TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Dual Flush toilet is a rather very tiny toilet that will feel very uncomfortable for individuals that are tall or weigh more than average. However, it is easy to use and clean as the one piece toilet design is glazed to resist scratches, watermark stains, rusting and color fading.

Moreover, the elongated seat can be removed whenever needed for easy cleaning or seat changing. Plus, the dual flush allows you to control the amount of water used for flushing while the Cyclone Flush System ensures that even solid wastes are easily flushed with a minimal amount of water.

Top 5 Best Rated Toilets [Editor Picked]

1. TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank in Pure White

TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank model is made from ceramic and has a patented CEFIONTECT glaze finish that gives it a beautiful shiny finish that is resistant to scratches, stains and waste sticking.

The seat is adjusted to a universal height making the seating positing comfortable for a wide range of users with different body complexions. Moreover, the TOTO Drake toilet is equipped with E-Max flushing system that is designed to be efficient and very quiet. 

On most occasions, the system will flush down even the heaviest of solid waste in one single flush cycle. Plus, TOTO toilets have been certified as ADA and CEC compliant as these toilets use only 1.28 gallons of water per flush making them some of the most water efficient toilets on the market (Source).

Customers can choose from 5 different colors and 3 different finishes hence you can be assured that you will find the right toilet to fit in with your bathroom interior.

What we liked:
  • Available in several colors
  • Water efficient
  • CEC and ADA compliant
  • CEFIOTECT glaze finish
  • Very quiet
What we liked:
  • Hard to use a plunger in case of a clog because the drain diameter is very small
  • Comes without a seat
  • Flapper cannot be changed in case of a breakage
  • Some customers have reported receiving broken toilets due to careless shipping

2. TOTO CST Elongated Bowl Toilet

TOTO CST Elongated Bowl toilet has low water consumption at just 1.28 gallons of water per flush plus the toilet is glazed in a patented SanaGloss finish that prevents mold, mildew, fungus and debris from sticking to porous porcelain and ceramic surface.

The gloss finish works great because it seals the china with an ionized barrier that creates a super-smooth surface that is easy to clean with a flush. Moreover, the catalyzed ion particles even repel debris and rusting themselves.

If needed, customers can order a separate seat they can later use to replace the old one. All TOTO seats are made to fit all models regardless whether the toilet model is regular or elongated.

What we liked:
  • Shiny SanaGloss finish that is resistant to debris, mold and mildew
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seat design
  • Great customer support
  • Made in the USA
What we liked:
  • Packages sometimes arrive with damaged toilets
  • Expensive
  • Comes without a seat

3. TOTO 2 Piece Ada Toilet with Elongated Bowl

The trapway has been specifically designed and tested for super-efficient and clog-free use even when toilet paper is flushed down. Moreover, this model is sold in 5 different finishes including the high-end and TOTO patented CEFIONTECT ceramic finish.

It is designed for households equipped to handle up to 3.8 gallons of water per flush without the water backing up to the bowl.

Plus, the two-piece design will eliminate the need for frequent cleaning especially between the bowl and the tank. Customers have reported this model to work flawlessly with a strong flush and bearable noise level.

What we liked:
  • Low flush noise
  • Easy to clean
  • Seamless design
  • Available in several finishes
  • Made in the USA
What we liked:
  • The flapper and the handle are prone to breakages due to poor design
  • Very small flush tank compared to other models
  • Little water stays in the bowl

4. Thetford Aqua Magic Toilet

Thetford has designed the Aqua Magic model in a timeless classic style that will fit any bathroom interior design regardless of its size.

The toilet is designed with a single-handle flush that can be used halfway to add the needed amount of water into the bowl or pressed all the way for a regular flush down.

Moreover, the toilet lid has been designed to have a textured finish that helps shed water and is much more resistant to dirt, scratches, and stains.

Plus, this Thetford toilet is really lightweight as it only weighs 9.4 pounds and will be very easy to install even by yourself if you follow the clear instruction booklet that comes with the packaging box. Also, it is a bit taller than conventional toilets are hence it will be more suitable for taller individuals.

What we liked:
  • Beautiful design
  • Single-handle flush
  • Scuff resistant lid
  • Easy to install
  • Clear instructions
  • Taller than regular toilets
  • Lightweight
What we liked:
  • Hollow inside that can trap paper and other waste
  • Users have reported the toilet leaking as well as its interior design

5. Vive Ceramic Toilet with Rails

Vive ceramic toilet has been specially designed for the elderly and disabled as it features a sturdy toilet rail system that can be used to keep balance. The safety aluminum frame can support up to 300 pounds of weight and can be easily removed whenever it is not needed.

Vive toilet can also be easily cleaned with regular cleaning solutions even when the safety rail is attached as it in no way hinders full access to the toilet. The aluminium railing can be attached directly to the toilet and features anti-slip grip handles made out of rubber for a safe experience.

Plus, the handles can be adjusted in height as per the needs; overall they can stand as high as 20 inches. The packaging box comes with a clear instruction booklet and the Vive toilet can be attached without any tools or screws.

What we liked:
  • Easy installation without any tools
  • Safety railing can be removed whenever needed
  • The height of the railing can be regulated
  • Easy to clean
  • Good customer support
What we liked:
  • Not very sturdy on tiles
  • No warranty
  • Available in one colour only

Expensive Toilets

1. Sun Mar Excel Self Contained

If you are not constrained by a tight budget, the eco-friendly Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet would be a long-time investment.

People who care about the environment can use the composting method (the process of converting human waste into natural fertilizer) to save the water usage. It's well-suited for houses that can spare a separate outlet for venting the odor.

For regular campers and outdoorsmen, a portable, powerful, waterless toilet is a saving grace. The composting process is quickened and simplified by the inclusion of a variable diameter bio-drum. Emptying the waste is as easy as emptying a trash can and the secure storage of the waste aids hassle-free maintenance.

Other Toilets

1. Danze Orrington

In the duopoly of Toto and American Standard, Danze Orrington is one such brand that has formed a niche for itself. Its super water efficient technology framed inside a classy, elongated toilet model takes the glamour quotient of your bathroom to the next level.

The ADA compliant 16.5 inches height of the seat gives you the ultimate comfort and optimal support on your back, hips and knees. The angle mounted tank lever makes flushing and maintenance incredibly hassle-free. Moreover, being a one-piece model adds an edge over standard toilets in terms of installation.

Having a 3 inch flush valve, an inch larger than the traditional 2 inches valve, creates strong flushing power even with a low water intake of 1.28 gallons.

How to Choose the Best Toilet

Flush Type

Flushing mechanism is the heart and soul of any flushing toilet. If the system fails to perform in its designated way, you are going to end up with some real nasty poo stains to deal with. Toilet flushes can be divided into the following categories:

Gravity Fed

As the name implies, this kind of mechanism uses the force of gravity to push the waste material down the flushing channel or drainage pipe. Gravity-fed toilets can operate on the standard domestic water pressure of 10 psi.

These are the quietest type of toilet, it doesn’t produce grunting noises while forcing the water through the rim holes using siphonic action. Ideal for removing large mass of waste in an efficient manner.

Pressure Assisted

Toilets with internal sealed tanks are capable of creating extreme water pressure in the bowl to help jet the waste down the trapway. The pressurized water tank thrusts high volume of water into the bowl with great velocity for super-quick cleaning.

According to most plumbers, pressure-assisted toilets are highly water efficient, making it an excellent bargain for the money. The flushing system is way more effective than gravity-fed toilets, however, there will be a good deal of noise to deal with during each flush.

Power Assisted

Instead of a tank holding water under pressure, this type of toilet utilizes an electric motor to actuate air pressure into the fully sealed compression tank.

The combination of water and high air pressure sucks the waste through the flushing channel, cleaning the bowl with great precision in less than a couple of seconds.

Dual Flush

Dual flush units can save you up to a whopping 68% water compared to a standard low-flush toilet model. The dual mechanism comprises two distinct options for removing the urine and solid waste.

While the lower water flush uses minimal amounts of water (around 0.8 gallon) to flush the liquid waste, switching to the full flush mode will wash away solid discharge with one sweep using 1.6 gallon or less. Dual flush toilets are available in both pressure-assisted and gravity-fed options.

Low Water Consumption

Saving water as much as possible is a priority for people living in areas where water shortage is a huge concern. Even if you live in an apartment where water is supplied 24 hours, choosing an HET (High Efficiency Toilet) would be a really nice gesture towards natural resource conservation.

The best toilet models from top brands are developed with 1.28-1.6 gallon flush tanks. These low flow toilets go with any type of flushing action, although the dual flush system combined with water saving technology is strongly opined as an ideal toilet for every bathroom. The low water consumption models that comply with the California standard of 1.28 GPF carry a WaterSense label.

Bowl Style

Think about what kind bowl you want while browsing through the choices. Most modern toilet bowls come in two basic shapes: elongated and round.

Elongated bowls are 2” inches wider than round toilet bowls, providing better support to your posterior. Round bowls are more compact in dimension and typically designed to fit in small bathrooms.

There are several other choices to take into account. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can make your choice based on cleaning style.

Siphonic or wash down style toilets substitute air in the toilet’s water channel with water, initiating power vacuum action that spins away the dirt through the drainage pipe without clogging it.Wash out toilets, on the other hand feature a large trapway that forces the water into the main bowl with high velocity and sucks the grime downwards.

Seat Height

While checking out the details, also take a glance at the seat height of the fixture. The taller, the better in this case. ADA compliant Comfort Height toilet seats measure around 16.5” in length. This is a favorable height to rest your butts on.

If you have children in your house, instead of buying a small toilet, purchase a steep stool separately as smaller toilets won’t be of any service as the children grow up. ADA compliant seats are in demand for people suffering from adverse physical conditions and aged folks.

What color of the toilet should you choose?

Although the traditional color of a regular toilet is white, many folks now go for more colorful ones. For example, many manufacturers produce toilets that are available in colors such as red, pink, yellow, black and even blue.Toilets with such colors are often used as accent items in a bathroom, they work to dilute otherwise white or grey plain walls.

However, you don’t necessarily need to buy a red toilet to stand out. You could always go for somewhat traditional toilet colors but add a twist, for example, grey or ebony. They might not seem like they will make a huge change in how your bathroom looks at first, but overall they will work to create a very soft contrast. However, remember that light-colored toilets tend to soil much faster and will need more thorough cleaning rituals especially if you are going to buy a white or light grey colored toilet.

Dust on the tank and even the slightest rust marks on the bottom will spoil the overall shiny look of your bathroom and let's be honest a toilet is the centrepiece of any bathroom.

One Piece v/s Two Piece Toilets

There is no basic difference between the operating method of one piece and two-piece toilets. In single toilets, all the components are arranged together, therefore, there is no separate tank. This kind of toilets has a closely packaged design and is very easy to clean and maintain.

On the contrary, two-piece toilets feature a tank that is fixed on the top of the bowl. About 4 out of 5 toilets purchased for homes are two-piece, they cost almost 20 to 25% less than their one-piece counterparts.

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On the downside, two-piece toilets can be hard to clean. Look for a well-built sanitary bar if you’re determined to buy one. It prevents the collection of any liquid under the tank, thus extending the lifespan of the equipment.

Flush Valve and Trapways

Extra wide 3-4 inches flushing valves are rapidly altering the standard 2 inch valves used in the relatively older models. The more width it has, the more water will pass through the rim holes at a higher velocity to clean the bowl.

Large trapways reduce the chances of clogging while concealed or skirted designs make cleaning the bottom of the toilet less messy.

Rough in Measurement

Without knowing the proper size of your bathroom, it’s almost impossible to pick the right toilet size. Measuring the rough-in size is no big deal. All you need is a measuring tape, stick one side of it at the center of the drainpipe and drag it up to the base of the wall.

If your existing toilet features 4 closet bolts, start measuring from either the center or rear bolts. The standard rough-in dimension is 12” in modern toilets.

Advantages of Buying a Flushing Toilet

The best flushing toilets in the market can be characterized by one common feature - less use of water per flush. Premium range flushing toilets are capable of cleaning the bowl surface with less than a gallon of water, which not only means you save a considerable amount of money on your water bill, but also positively contribute towards natural resource conservation.

Thanks to the double cyclone flushing technology, modern flushing toilets are now blessed with a higher flushing force than ever before. A half cleaned toilet bowl is the ultimate harbinger of the worst nightmare imaginable.

Leave aside the visual horror, what about the poop odor generated by the residual build up that seems to tear apart your olfactory nerves? Fortunately, these thoughtfully designed toilets flush the waste immediately down the bowl, ensuring no residue is left over to cause stink.

Another reason you should definitely consider buying a flushing toilet is the freedom from the pathetic chore of scrubbing the toilet bowl frequently. The steady flushing system ensures the bowl remains clear and hygienic with every flush on its own.

The next notable benefit of installing a well-designed toilet is personal comfort. From rounded to elongated toilet bowls, the best flushing toilet manufacturers efficiently cater to your versatile toilet needs. Chrome plated models are especially known for adding an extra layer of stability to the trip lever.

Lastly, we shouldn’t forget to acknowledge the reduced expense on maintenance and repair. Quality plumbing fixtures don’t pose the risk of clogging your pipe system anytime soon. Therefore, you won’t have to put the plumber’s number on speed-dial anymore.

Plumbing a Steady Toilet System

Over the decades, the designs and mechanisms of toilets have gone through stark improvisations. The modern flushing toilets are exclusively designed to save water and reduce noise during flushing.

With so much change in the design, it’s obvious that plumbing requisites for these toilets have also changed remarkably. If your plumbing knowledge doesn’t expand beyond measuring the rough-in, don’t hesitate to call an expert plumber to the job.

Most toilets weigh more than 100 pounds these days. In order to have a safer and steadier experience, make sure to have strong anchors to fix the toilet to the subfloor. Don’t just stop at that. Use studs to provide good support to the equipment on the floor.

If you have chosen an ADA compliant toilet seat, the height of the bowl is going to be nearly 16.5 inches. In that case, the plumbing method might be a little complex.

Summing Up Our Toilet Reviews​

The current market for bathroom fittings for toilets is highly competitive. Apart from the premium toilet manufacturers like Toto, Kohler, there are many other brands who are devoted to bringing innovative technologies and improved designs to satisfy the demand of next-gen customers.

The subject of toilets is too vast to be contained in just one article. There are numerous categories and sub-categories, technologies and designs to choose from. To the general public, finding the best toilet can be a pretty complicated job. The task becomes a bit less tiring if you have your specific requirement set in mind.

The internet has leveled the platform for everyone. People’s decision now-a-days are highly influenced by what they read over the web. So, it is highly critical to enrich the web with authentic information and reviews. I don’t claim myself to be a toilet expert but I’m certainly good at collecting expert suggestions on how to become one.

When it comes to purchasing a toilet, one wrong move can result in irreparable damage. Don’t try to rush things because selecting one model from so many categories is definitely going to take a while.

Price tags can never be an ultimate deciding factor, as long as a product meets all your demands successfully, it deserves a spot in your wish list. Now, I have done my due diligence, the rest is totally reliant on your patience to research and ability of judgement.


We hope that this guide on buying one of the best rated toilets currently on the market has helped you make up your mind.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, we would like to remind you that it is always best to hire a professional plumber for the installation process because if you are not versed in how toilets are installed you risk installing it the wrong way possibly damaging the tubing or tightening the bolts too tight that the ceramic or porcelain will crack.

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