The Kohler Betello Toilet Full Review

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In this article, we chose the Kohler Betello toilet for a full review.

After reading about the Betello and sifting though all the material we offer below, you will find that the Kohler Betello toilet is a great fit for your bathroom need.

Make sure to check the information we provided such as the manufacture links, positives and negatives and our summary of the reviews.

Full Review of the Kohler Betello Toilet (2023)

Our experts gathered facts and reviewed the Betello toilet below.

“One of the best models on the market, the Kohler Betello is a straight-to-the-point unit that prioritizes cleanliness and comfort.”


Key Features
  •  Flush Score:   800 MaP
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Bowl Shape: Elongated
  • Flushing System: Revolution 360
  • Flush Type: Single
  • Style: Two-Piece
  • Certifications: CEC, WaterSense, ASME
  • Dimensions(sourced from manual):
    • Toilet – 28.43″ x 16.31″ x 31.75″
    • Rough-in – 12″
    • Trapway – 2.12″
    • Seat Height – 16.37″
See image with toilet dimensions
Betello-dimension-1 Betello-dimension-2
  • 1.28 GPF unit with AquaPiston canister and Revolution 360 swirl flush technology
  • ContinuousClean and CleanCoat technology
  • ADA compliant
  • ReadyLock Installation
  • Seat and supply line not included



This two-piece toilet is simply designed for a hassle-free user experience.

Powerful Flush

The Betello is equipped with Kohler-trademarked Revolution 360 swirl flushing technology. The toilet’s forceful swirling motion goes around every area of the bowl leaving nothing but shine behind. Gravity is harnessed in the precision-engineered tank, bowl, and trapway to create ultra-powerful suction.

The Betello is another Kohler unit that comes with the fantastic AquaPiston canister. We believe Kohler’s canister design is one of the best on the market. The AquaPiston allows water to flow out of the tank from all angles to increase flush effectiveness. Additionally, the flush valve 3:2 ratio further optimizes flushing performance.

Another great feature of the Betello is that despite all its flushing power, it only uses 1.28 gallons per flush. This allows your water usage to be both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Smart Design

The Betello is an elongated Comfort Height ADA-compliant toilet. It has a bowl height of 16 ⅜”, a similar height to most standard chairs. The Comfort Height alleviates pressure on knees for easy sitting and standing up.

One of the most notable Betello features is its cleanliness. Firstly, the toilet comes with the ContinuousClean system which automatically dispenses cleaning solution with every flush – keeping your bowl cleaner five times longer! The ContinuousClean system works with any toilet bowl cleaner tablet; thanks to the system’s high-quality design, tablets last for more than a year in the system.

The Betello also has an optional LED system indicator light that reminds you when to replace your cleaning agent or batteries. Two AAA batteries are included.

Secondly, the toilet’s skirted trapway simplifies cleaning by eliminating nooks and crannies for grime and dirt to stick to. That means less time scrubbing and stressing. The toilet cleans itself from the inside and the only thing you have to do is wipe its exterior once in a while!

Furthermore, thanks to Kohler’s CleanCoat technology, water scale and mineral scale growth is inhibited so your occasional clean only requires mild soap and water.

The Betello comes with a standard 12” rough-in through 10” and 14” rough-in kits are available for purchase as well. A seat and supply line are not included. The ReadyLock installation system simplifies the toilet’s set-up by eliminating the need for drilling. No professional help is needed.

The toilet is compatible with the Kohler Quiet-Close elongated seat as well as the Kohler elongated cleansing seat. Small investments, such as high-quality seating, can make a big difference in your bathroom experience. You can’t go wrong with any Kohler seat.

Color Options

  • White (0)
    Biscuit (96)
    Dune (NY)
    Ice Grey 95)
    Black Black (7)


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Summary of Recent Reviews

Users are happy with the Betello, citing the toilet’s efficient flush and high-quality cleaning technology. Reviewers mention how much their cleaning time has gone down due to the toilet’s ContinuousClean feature and the exterior’s protective glaze.

While many reviews aren’t available, the most common complaint seems to be the lack of a toilet seat. One user mentions that the recommended seat they bought on Amazon didn’t fit and resulted in more hassle than anticipated.