This toilet is a high-efficiency eco-friendly toilet that’s a great option for any home!

Flushing Power

The UltraMax II is equipped with the classic TOTO Tornado Flush system, a highly-efficient flushing design that removes waste in a matter of seconds. The system utilizes two nozzles to create a centrifugal force that reduces waste build up.

With 1.28 gallons per flush, the UltraMax II is a solid eco-friendly choice, saving you roughly 20 percent on your annual water bill, compared to traditional 1.6 gpf toilets. To flush the toilet simply press the chrome-finish ever which is located either on the left or right hand side – you get to choose!

This video gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the Tornado Flush system, along with a side-by-side flushing comparison.

Great Design

The Ultramax-II is a one-piece toilet with a chrome-plated trip lever. The unit weighs around 100 pounds and even comes with a SoftClose toilet seat. The SoftClose seat prevents unintentional slamming, which increases the seat’s lifespan.

A comfortable seat height is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a toilet. The UltraMax II has a 17 ¼ -inch toilet seat, similar to a basic dining chair. Universal Height chairs are designed for accessibility; a taller toilet tends to be more comfortable for those with disabilities and the elderly by alleviating pressure from the knees.

The UltraMax II also comes with CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, which prevents bacteria and grime from sticking to the toilet’s exterior. If you’re not interested in the CEFIONTECT glaze, the MS604114CEF is an alternate UltraMax model you can purchase instead.

We recommend the ceramic glaze because what’s better than simple hacks that help eliminate cleaning time? Thanks to the glaze, the scrubbing days are over; the toilet only requires an easy wipe down every once in a while.

The UltraMax II comes in cotton, bone, colonial white, sedona beige, and ebony (which is not available in CEFIONTECT). The no-modifications UltraMax II is called MS604114CEFG; the MS604114CEFRG is the same unit except it has the trip lever on the right hand side.



Other Ultramax II Models to Consider

The TOTO UltraMax collection has eight different units. For the most part, they vary only in simple design choices, such as bowl shape, seat height, and gallons per flush. The UltraMax II is in the average price range for an UltraMax model and combines all the best elements of TOTO design.

The most expensive UltraMax model is the UltraMax one-piece 1.6 gpf round toilet, which features the G-max flushing system. Overall, the UltraMax II is an affordable investment piece that delivers in aesthetics and flushing performance.

Color Choices

Pro and Cons

Positive Comments
      • Reliable 1.28 gpf Tornado Flush system
      • Good color selection
      • Universal Height
      • Comes with SoftClose seat
Negative Comments
      • Replacement parts hard to find

Summary of Recent Reviews

Customers are raving over this one-piece TOTO toilet! Positive comments focus especially on the toilet’s CEFIONTECT glaze and clog-free flush.

Users also boast about the toilet’s Universal Height and comfortable seat. With over 75% five star reviews, the UltraMax II is an instant classic. The most common complaint is the difficulty of finding replacement parts, especially in replacing the flapper.