The American Standard Colony Toilet Rated in 2023

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American Standard is one of the most popular brands when it comes to great bathroom hardware. In particular, if you are looking for a high-quality, modern-looking toilet, you should check out the Colony collection by American Standard.

This collection is known for being minimalistic and sleek but also quite practical and simple.

Further, although the toilets are the most popular part of this collection, American Standard offers a full suite of Colony appliance designs for the whole bathroom.

Let’s go into more detail around the American Standard Colony toilets in particular.

The American Standard Colony Review of 2023

Our team of experts reviewed and gathered facts for the Colony toilet all right below!

Key Features
  •  Flush Score:   600 MaP
  • Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
  • Bowl Shape: Elongated
  • Flushing System: Single Flush
  • Style: Two-Piece

Dimensions : Toilet (29.75″ x 19.19″ x 29.38″), Rough-in (12″), Seat Height (17″)

See image with toilet dimensions
American-Standard-221CA104.222-Colony dimensions


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As the Colony collection has multiple models it can be a bit tricky to choose the right one for you. While we’ve discussed some of the differences in water consumption, shape, and other features above, ultimately you’ll want to pick the best option for you based on your specific needs and preferences.

Below, we will show you all the details to consider when selecting the model that will best suit your needs.

Here are six different factors in choosing the right American Standard Colony model for your bathroom.

Floor Space

One of the common problems with most bathrooms nowadays is the lack of space. If you have a large bathroom with a lot of floor space, you don’t have to pay as much attention to the product dimensions. However, if space is limited in your bathroom, you should always make sure that the toilet you are planning to buy is going to fit in by checking the toilet measurements and measuring your available space. You can also look for round toilets and even compact models to find a smaller model option.

EverClean Surface

Common to many American Standard toilets, EverClean surface is a coating used on the toilet itself that prevents the growth and development of any kind of mildew, mold, or bacteria. With this finish, the mirror-like surface of your toilet stays clean and free from any stains or odor. EverClean also makes maintenance way easier, because your toilet stays cleaner on its own and will require less work to keep it clean. If you want to minimize time spent on cleaning and maintenance, be sure to select a model that features the EverClean surface option.


Bowl Shape

Some models from the Colony collection have round bowls, while others are elongated. The round models like the American Standard Colony 751DA101.020 are better if you want to save space in your bathroom. However, there is a very similar model with an elongated-shaped bowl called American Standard Colony 751AA101.020. This model is a better option if you like the features of both toilets but want or need a more comfortable toilet. However, elongated bowls will take up more space in your bathroom, so there is a trade-off for the added comfort.


Design is something a lot of people tend to forget about and yet, it plays a very important role in both the installation and maintenance of your toilet. In general, the two most common types of toilet designs are the two-piece and one-piece models. Two-piece models have a bowl separated from the tank while the one-piece models don’t, and are instead one standalone unit. The two-piece toilets such as American Standard Colony 751AA101.020 are more traditional and are sometimes considered more trustworthy. They’re also easier to transport, install, and can be cheaper to replace if you only need to replace one part.

In comparison, one-piece models are very simple to maintain due to their design. They have no nooks or seams where bacteria can attach or develop, so it takes less effort to keep the toilet clean. However, sometimes the one-piece models can be more expensive than their two-piece counterparts, and they’re also typically heavier and thus harder to install. The Fairfield toilet is one of the best toilets from the Colony collection and is an ideal option if you need a one-piece model that is long-lasting, powerful, and reliable.


American Standard Colony toilet installed Not everyone’s plumbing is going to be the same. Therefore, you need to find out what rough-in you have in your bathroom. The standard and the most common rough-in is a 12-inch option. However, there is also a smaller 10-inch version as well as the bigger 14-inch rough-in. If you are not sure which one you have, make sure to measure it properly first before finalizing your toilet choice. Be sure to pick a model with a matching rough-in so you can successfully install your new toilet.

Water Consumption

The amount of water your toilet consumes per flush is a very important factor to consider. Although it may not seem like a big deal, buying a toilet that is water-efficient will save you a lot of money over the years. Most toilets nowadays consume either 1.28 or 1.6 gallons per flush. There are even dual flush models that allow you to choose between a partial and full flush. If you’re looking to save on your water bill, or decrease your water consumption for environmental reasons, look for a model with minimal water consumption. You can also look for models that are EPA WaterSense certified to be fully confident you’re using the most water-efficient model available.


Positive Comments
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Very comfortable
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Tank refills quickly
Negative Comments
  • Not very space-efficient

American Standard Colony vs. American Standard Cadet 3

If you have already spent some time searching for a new toilet, you may have already seen the Cadet 3 by American Standard. Also known for its longevity, water efficiency, and sleek design, how does the Cadet 3 toilet compare to the toilets from the Colony collection?

To start, both of these American Standard options have a lot of similarities:

  • Water Efficiency – The Cadet 3 is a water-efficient toilet that consumes only 1.28 gallons per flush, like some toilets from the Colony collection. It is also EPA WaterSense certified, and even CALGreen and CEC certified
  • Toilet Accessibility and Comfort – The Cadet 3 is also a highly accessible toilet, with ADA compliance, and similar to several of the Colony collection models, it comes with an elongated bowl for true comfort
  • Easy Maintenance – Finally, the Cadet 3 also includes the EverClean Surface to reduce cleaning needs

However, there are some notable differences:

  • Toilet Color – In comparison to the Colony models only available in bone and white, it’s possible to find a black Cadet 3. However, most of the models online are only available in white, so be prepared to search further for a black option
  • Design Aesthetic – As a bonus for the Colony collection, the Colony toilet has a better-looking design compared to the Cadet 3
  • Slow-Close Toilet Seat – Finally, the Cadet 3 has a slow-close feature that prevents the toilet cover and seat from suddenly slamming. This small detail can make a big difference during the user experience, but you can also purchase a slow-close toilet seat separately and install it with your Colony toilet.


The American Standard Colony collection offers several different models each with its distinct features and benefits. If you are looking for the most water and space-efficient model, the American Standard Colony 751DA101.020 is the right choice as it consumes only 1.28 gallons per flush and takes up very little space. It is also great-looking and available in two different colors, allowing it to fit in with any type of bathroom decor.

On the other hand, if you want something bigger, more comfortable, and more powerful, the Fairfield is a perfect choice. It is quite sturdy and long-lasting. Further, its construction allows you to clean and maintain the toilet with ease. The elongated shaped bowl enhances overall comfort when using the Fairfield, and it offers a powerful flush while only consuming  1.6 gallons per flush.