The TOTO Supreme II Toilet Full Review

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The TOTO Supreme II toilet is a on-piece toilet manufactured by TOTO. This toilet has been in production for over ten years but still looks very modern and efficient. Additionally, it has an elongated bowl and a low profile tank.

The toilet comes with a standard 12” rough-in, making it easy to replace. This toilet meets the requirements of ADA toilet height standards, which makes it ADA compliant and accessible to all users.

Most importantly, its adequate height makes it ideal for all age groups. In addition, the toilet features a chrome trip lever and soft-close seat.

Review of the TOTO Supreme II Toilet (Updated)

Our experts dove into the facts and features of the Supreme II toilet for this review.

“Its name speaks nothing but the truth. The TOTO Supreme II is a real winner, from flushing performance to design accessibility.”




Key Features
  •  Flush Score:   500 MaP
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Bowl Shape: Elongated
  • Flushing System: Tornado Flush™
  • Flush Type: Single
  • Style: One-Piece
  • Certifications: ADA, WaterSense, CalGreen

Dimensions : Toilet (28.37″ x 17.12″ x 25.62″), Rough-in (12″), Trapway (2.12″), Seat Height (17.25″)

See image with toilet dimensions
Toto Supreme II dimensions
This TOTO model should be on your radar if you’re looking for a smartly priced and well-functioning unit.

Flushing Power

The Supreme II uses TOTO’s state-of-the-art Tornado flushing technology.

The toilet uses two powerful nozzles to harness the power of water and gravity in eliminating all kinds of waste loads.

All Supreme II toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush, saving you roughly 20 percent on your water bill (when compared to traditional 1.6 GPF units).

Supreme’s Design

The TOTO Supreme II toilet is made from vitreous china and has a CEFIONTECT™ glaze finish.

CEFIONTECT prevents waste from sticking to the ceramic surface of the toilet, cutting down on cleaning time.

This toilet also features a one-piece bowl and tank combo which doesn’t require assembly.

It is available in cotton, bone, colonial white, sedona beige, and ebony (not available in CEFIONTECT). The toilet comes with a low-profile tank, bowl, seat, and chrome trip lever on the right hand side.

While the tank is comparatively small, the elongated shape of the bowl allows for more legroom. Moreover, the Supreme II is ADA-compliant, with a seat height of 17.25”.

Toto Supreme-2 1.28gpf toilet You can purchase the toilet in the MS634114CEFG model – with CEFIONTECT glaze and a SoftClose seat – as well as the MS634114CEF model – that comes with less CEFIONTECT but with the same SoftClose seat.

The Washlet+ is TOTO’s award-winning bidet that comes with a self-cleaning wand, quick release hinges, customizable wand angle, and a luxurious seat.

The bidet is compatible with all Supreme II models besides the MS634114CEFG#11.

You’ll notice on the TOTO website the Supreme II collection consists of models that look and sound the same except for the letter-number combo at the end of their name.

These letter combos correspond to different control mechanism types for the Washlet+.

While this is a minor difference, familiarizing yourself with what control type works best for you makes the overall user experience exponentially better.





Color Options

  • Cotton (01)
  • Bone (03)
    Colonial White (11)
    Sedona Beige (12)
    Ebony (51)

Seat Option

  • SS114 SoftClose seat

Pro and Cons

The Biggest Pro's
  • 1.28 gpf with the Tornado Flush system 
  • ADA compliant
  • Comes with SoftClose seat
  • Easy to install
The Con
  • Expensive price
  • Has low-profile tank

Summary of Recent Reviews

Buyers agree that the flush is efficient with this toilet, even though it is a water-saving design.  Reviewers shared that they are pleased with the stylish design, and are happy with the included SoftClose seat.

The most common complaint is about the toilet’s price, even without the Washlet+ add-on.

We agree that the price is a bit steep and not affordable for everyone; however, the Supreme II should be seen as an investment piece that will serve for many years to come.