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Who Are We and What We Do

Welcome to Toiletable.com! We are a team of experts dedicated to all things toilet. This includes troubleshooting common toilet-related problems, testing different toilet models and products, and keeping you up-to-date on new products as they arrive on the market.

We are different from other review sites. We actually gather actual customer reviews from the top selling sites and create a summary for you. We do the hard work of research of the reasons why a product is good or bad from existing purchases.

After many years in the business, we’re here to do the dirty work. Whether that’s researching and compiling all the information  you need when buying a new toilet, or providing step-by-step guides on how to fix the one you already own, you can trust the Toiletable team.

 We are an affiliate site which means we get a small percentage of all completed transactions you make using the links on our site.   This commission of your purchases helps us maintain and make our site better. We put the earned money back into the site and able to pay our writers/editors/gatherers. We are 100% a reader supported site.

We represent a variety of both passionate writers and top-notch experts in the field, who work together  to create the valuable content you need.

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Our Mission

Around the world, millions of people use a toilet multiple times a day. In the United States, every house, apartment, condo, or tiny house has at least one toilet, if not a bathroom on every floor. Whether you like it or not, you likely spend more time on your toilet than perhaps any other seat in your house. Leaks, clogs, and cleaning are as constant in your life as eating and drinking. But instead of letting your toilet’s quirks and flaws control your daily routine, Toiletable.com is here to help you take back ownership of it!

We’ll teach you how to fix, prevent, or replace any of your toilet’s inconveniences, until you don’t just tolerate going to the bathroom- you look forward to it!

On our website, you’ll find product reviews, how-to guides that will help you fix everything from the top of the tank to the bottom of the bowl, installation instructions, buying guides, and more!

Stop letting a cold seat or weak flush ruin your day; with Toiletable.com you can take back your throne!

Trust Us

We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.  Take a minute to leave us a review!

We have a two public listing for customer reviews that you can trust. We are a paid member of the Better Business Bureau and have a public listing on TrustPilot. We encourage our reader to leave us feedback and a review as its such an important process of being trusted by our future readers. Being part of the bbb.org network helps get us exposure to new visitors, as many people trust the BBB and in turn trust the legitimacy of our site.

As mentioned, our team consists of highly experienced craftsmen with many years of experience. They’ve taken all of the tips, tricks, and industry secrets that they’ve accumulated over the years, and worked with our writers to bring that knowledge straight to you.

Since Toiletable’s conception, our readers have been delighted with the practical and concise content we’ve provided.  We’ve never ceased in our mission to help our readers be informed and make the right choices.

We also have a public listing on TrustPilot.com for our customer reviews.

Meet our Team of Writers

Katie Powell

With over 20 years of writing experience, Katie is one of our top expert writers in the field. She keeps up to date with different toilet products like TOTO, American Standard and Kohler products. Over the years, she has helped create dozens of high-quality how-to articles for toilet repairs as well as and buying guides to help people make the right choice when choosing a new toilet or accessory. 

She continues to create great content for the reader and we are very happy she is part of our team.

Thanks Katie!

Tyler White

Tyler is a strong technical writer with 15 years of experience. Tyler has a background as a plumber, so he’s very knowledgeable about toilet topics. Having this background makes him a great fit for Toiletable. With his vast experience, Tyler can face any problem, question, or concern and solve toilet related issues.

He delivers genuine content geared towards helping the reader find technical answers. 

We are very happy Tyler is part of our team throughout the years!


Julia Kaluta

Julia is a freelance copywriter specializing in article-writing, website copy, and marketing collateral. She works for a variety of private and public sector clients, most recently writing for the knowledge-hacking app Uptime and the UK prop-tech company Home-Made.

Julia holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights from University College London and graduated with an English and History degree from New York University. Contact Julia through LinkedIn or [email protected]

Julia’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliakaluta/

Meet our Editor

Isabel Randolph

Visit her Linkedin profile
meet our editor for toiletable Isabel Randolph Isabel is a copy editor for Toiletable with an undergraduate degree in English writing and over 4 years of experience writing and reviewing professional written communications, in addition to other business consulting activities.

She has worked with clients based in North America, Latin America, and Asia across a variety of industries. She specializes in grammar, content review, and overall article format and structure while editing.

Isabel helps ensure each of our articles will be helpful, informative, and entertaining for readers. She is also a current business student pursuing an MBA at the University of Michigan and spends her free time partnering with local nonprofits, running, and relaxing with her dog.

Meet our Fact Checking Expert

Jill Morgan

meet jill morgan our fact checker and feedback reviewer

Jill is skilled in fact checking our product review articles. She has a highly trained eye to spot inconsistencies within our products.

Jill looks over our articles and double checks the specification table values and validates then against the manufactures website.

The next important skill is her ability to validate the product positive and negative reviews. She focuses on double checking those pros and cons of each product. She does this by reading through all the reviews from several sites and making sure the user feedback section is up to date with current information.



Also note, we’ve added a date stamp for each customer feedback section, so you know how “fresh” the information is at the time. We all know that customer feedback happens daily and we want to stay current with those reviews.

Meet Our Youtube Video Expert

Troy Dolyniuk

Troy is our freelance video editor and presenter and has done many voiceovers and videos for many of his clients. He joined Toastmasters 15 years ago, where he learned the art of presenting which helped him become a video expert professional and incredible at voiceovers. Troy has a degree in engineering, which makes him a great fit for toilet reviews at Toiletable. His versatile experience spans numerous niches from documentaries, health niches to finance niches…and much more. Troy is a full time freelancer through Fiverr under username thirstywater.

Please feel free to contact Troy via Fiverr or LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/troydolyniuk

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl_sH0FLlZnfjEH1patBmUw

Personal Website: https://thirstywater.ca

Meet Our Voice Audio Expert

Paul Leser

Paul is our voice specialist who works on creating our high quality audio reviews. He works with our editors and reads each review to give a personal first-person overview of the product. Each audio review is authentic and he gives his honest opinion of each toilet or accessory. He mentions things that the reader may not notice from reading the manual. Paul notices those hard to identify things that helps the buyer make the best informed decision.

He also has his own writing company: CDR Writing Solutions

You can contact Paul via his LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-leser-a90238108

Paul’s email:  [email protected]

Product Review Gathering

We research and analyze product reviews and feedback. We provide our readers an intelligent buying approach.

We understand a huge part of today’s buying experience involves reading online reviews. 

Almost all buying decisions are based off reading past customer reviews and feedback. In today’s world of online shopping, most people will read through a wide range of reviews to spot the good and bad points of that product. After reading them, they’re more comfortable and confident to purchase. We call this buyer research and intelligence.

This research leads to education about pitfalls of the product or reasons why a product is great. If someone provides positive feedback, it proves it could fit their needs.

After realizing the heavy focus on reviews, Toiletable decided to hire extra staff who are experienced with product review research. We want to provide the best possible experience to our readers with this important part of today’s buying experience. 

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