Best Homemade Toilet Bowl Recipes (Round-Up)

“Cleaning the toilet” is a task that is often left uncompleted on the household chore chart. Most people don’t enjoy cleaning the porcelain throne. We’re here to help you choose and/or create the best cleaners to make this crappy task a little more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, several common toilet bowl cleaners contain toxic ingredients. Let’s discuss some facts regarding commercial toilet bowl cleaners, and review some healthier, more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe (Round-Up)

Many bowl cleaners you can purchase at your local store contain chemicals that are harsh and can pollute the environment. While these cleaners typically do a great job of cleaning tough stains, they can be harmful both to yourself, and the environment.

We did a true recipe rounded-up of some simple and safe way to clean your toilet at home – methods that won’t sacrifice cleaning ability (or your budget!).

Best Recipe for Hard Water Stains

An easy 1-ingredient solution for your toughest stains.

Recipe Steps in Action

STEP 1: Remove all water from toilet – you can do this by using a plunger and then removing any excess with a towel.

STEP 2: Pour cleaning vinegar (or distilled vinegar) into the bowl until it covers the stains at the bottom.

STEP 3: Soak pieces of toilet paper in the vinegar, and apply it around the edges of the bowl to soak stains around the edge.

STEP 4: Leave this to soak overnight.

STEP 5: Remove toilet paper.

STEP 6: Using gloves and a toilet brush, scrub the bottom of the bowl. Scrub the areas you let soak with vinegar and toilet paper around the rim.

If any stains remain, repeat these same steps again.

Our Thoughts of this Recipe

Overall, this appears to be a very easy way to clean your toilet. With only one needed ingredient, it is also cost effective. Vinegar is an effective cleaning agent without being corrosive or abrasive. It does take time, as you need to let it soak overnight. If you don’t have the time to let it soak overnight, try one of our other highlighted methods below!

Best Unique Recipe to Clean your Toilet

A relatively inexpensive and effective way to clean your toilet bowl.

Recipe Steps in Action

STEP 1: Remove the lid/seat of your toilet bowl

STEP 2 Squeeze a generous amount of toothpaste onto any visibly soiled or stained edges, as well as within the bowl itself

STEP 3: Use a toilet brush to scrub both the edges and the bowl of the toilet

STEP 4: Let this soak for approximately two hours

STEP 5: Use your toilet brush, as well as some water (preferably a bottle with a spray nozzle) to remove all toothpaste.

STEP 6: Use the same steps to clean the toilet seat/lid

STEP 7: Replace the lid

Our Thoughts of this Recipe

The average household has toothpaste, so this is a great option to try out as you should already have the necessary ingredients at home. In this video, the brand of toothpaste used appears to be Colgate. As most toothpastes contain the same active ingredients, it should not make a difference what type/brand of toothpaste you have lying around to use.

This method also requires some “soaking” time, however, you only need to let it soak for about 2 hours, as compared to overnight.

Best Recipe to Remove Stubborn Stains

An easy, environmentally friendly, two-ingredient way to remove stubborn stains.

Recipe Steps in Action

STEP 1: Pour a cup of distilled white vinegar into the toilet bowl. Mix it around with a brush, and let sit for a minute

STEP 2 Add 1 cup of baking soda to the bowl

STEP 3: Add another cup or two of vinegar

STEP 4: Let this sit for 10 minutes

STEP 5: Use a brush to get the solution onto all areas of the toilet bowl and beneath the rim

STEP 6: Let this sit for a while. Then scrub away any remaining stains.

STEP 7: Flush the toilet.

Repeat these steps as needed.

Our Thoughts of this Recipe

This video details yet another cost-effective way to clean your toilet. With only two ingredients, it is cheap and environmentally friendly. It is quicker than the other two methods already mentioned, as it does not need to soak for as long.

Bonus Hack Recipes – Dishwasher Tabs & Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Recipe Steps in Action

STEP 1: Drop a dishwasher tablet into your toilet bowl

STEP 2: Use a toilet brush to mix the water around and “swish” some of the solution made from the dissolving tablet onto all areas of the toilet bowl

STEP 3: Let this soak for several minutes, until the tablet is completely dissolved

STEP 4: Use a toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowl

STEP 5: Flush the toilet

Toilet Cleaning Bombs (Homemade)

Yes another DIY effective cleaning recipe for your toilet bowl. We covered the full recipe and guide about toilet cleaning bombs here.

Our Thoughts of this Recipe

Dishwasher tabs are another common household item. Do not go out and buy any sort of particular tablet to use – any kind/brand should work well. After the tablet fully dissolves, you may find or see the plastic wrapping of the tablet either within the water, or hanging on the edge of the bowl. You could remove this with a gloved hand, otherwise, it is small and should not cause any sort of damage or clog if you choose to flush it.

Final Recipe Takeaway

Cleaning the toilet doesn’t need to be a daunting, grueling, time-consuming task. Even for methods that require mixtures to soak overnight, you can complete other tasks while you are waiting for your bowl to soak. With very few, cheap ingredients, you can have a clean toilet without much effort or elbow grease.