Review of KOHLER K-3819-0 Memoirs Elongated Toilet

This two-piece Kohler toilet is comfort at its best. With added space provided by the elongated bowls, this toilet follows in design after the Memoirs Suite. With its royal detailed build, this product resonates with the marks of traditional historical lines and architectural design.

With perfect features, it is built in a classic way to mirror the effects of the royalties. The best thing about it is that it can assist both small and large baths. With power packed flushing that maintains absolute cleanliness, this product is a must have for every bath space.


  • It is a two piece toilet and comes with an attached tank
  • It has an elongated bowl that looks right out of the historical era. It offers comfort and additional space in the bath space.
  • The toilet is up to a standard height as that of a chair. This implies that sitting down and standing won’t be much difficult. Hence, people of all ages can use it efficiently.
  • It is designed in a traditional way and boasts of architectural royalty.
  • It comes with a powerful flush that does an enormous bulk waste flushing act. It strives to maintain cleanliness with this effortless feature. Along with providing a smooth flushing action, the water usage is also consistent.

What I liked

Powerful Flushing

The Kohler Memoir comes with a Canister flush valve that allows smooth flushing. It maintains absolute cleanliness with each flush. This power packed five flush technology is an advanced move and comes really handy. Also, it is quieter than regular flushes and does not create much noise. It feels nice not to alert my family members every time I hit the toilet.


The product is beautifully designed to remind you of the historical prosperity and times whenever you enter your bath space. Richly designed with detailed lines and intricate reflections of traditional architecture, it reverberates with an aesthetic gleam of a splendid work. The bowl most prominently looks like a masterpiece in itself. Along with this, it also serves its purpose by allowing comfort and efficiency.

Efficient Water Usage

It uses water very cautiously without wasting on the excess water. Instead, it saves a lot of water by using just as little water is needed to the bowl cleaner and maintains perfect cleanliness after this. It uses water according to your requirement. If you trip the handle a little, a short flush will rapidly clean the bowl and if you hold it down for two seconds straight, heavier flushes ensure a clean bowl.

What I didn’t Like

Firstly, it does not come with a lid or cover which I did not expect to happen and had to go buy a separate lid. Also, the base is quiet large which means it will take up a bit more space of your bath. You will also be experiencing an unleveled toilet due to this.

Sum up

This Kohler Memoir is an overall good product. With efficient five flushing technology that leaves a clean bowl and quieter flush, it is definitely worth a try. As for the lid, you can always buy another from a local store, like I did. It very exclusively is a unique piece of art with traditional designs and feels and does not fail to serve its purpose. Besides maintaining cleanliness, it most magically does that without using a lot of water.

  • Updated January 19, 2019
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