How to Choose the Best Toto Toilet – A Guideline

Having a solid flushing toilet system at your home or office is a highly desirable ammenity. A perfect flushing toilet is more than just a beautiful bathroom fixture, it helps keep the sanitation of a house in top condition, ensuring a healthy environment for your family.

There are plenty of brands that make stylish, well-built toilets at affordable prices. There are numerous debates among industry-experts and consumers as to which toilet manufacturer is the best. With that, we will break down Toto toilets in this article. Toto toilets pack a solid punch and give very stern competition to the other leading brands like American Standard and Kohler.

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Trivia about Toto

So, what’s so special about Toto toilets? Toto LTD. is a toilet manufacturing company based in Kitakyusu, Japan. Toto is well known to be tremendously particular about every single detail. From flushing valves to toilet seats, they make sure everything is crafted to perfection. Toto is the abbreviated form of Toyo Toki, a Japanese word which translates to Oriental Ceramics in English. 

Things to Carefully Examine While Buying a Toilet

Types of Toilet

High efficiency EPA certified toilets are counted as the most advanced type of flushing toilets in existence today. They provide powerful flushing with minimal water intake, helping you save on your monthly water bills. Other options include single, flush, dual flush, pressure assist and gravity assist toilets. Gravity assist is more popular than pressure assist flushing systems, the former uses gravity to jet the waste down the sewage system. New age toilets are more reliant upon dual flush mechanisms as it employs the least amount of power for maximum flushing efficiency.


Design-wise there are two primary choices to pick from, one piece and two-piece. One-piece toilets have a combined bowl and tank. One-piece toilets are more diserable in smaller bathrooms as they have a smaller rough-in requirement. Two-piece toilets, as the name suggests, have a seperated bowl and tank. Two-piece toilets are the cheapest and most common toilets amongst home owners. There is another category for those interested in having a luxurious bathroom, it’s called the wall mounted toilet. The toilet seat is mounted on the wall, it’s almost zero-maintenance. 

Bowl Shape

The bowl shape of the toilet determines seating comfort levels and how you will clean the toilet. Round and elongated bowls are the most common kinds of bowl shape for regular toilets. Elongated bowl shaped toilets take up more space and are only recommended if you’ve enough room in your bathroom. For average size bathrooms, a round toilet will be the best fit. Before buying one, take the rough-in measurement of the spot you want your toilet to be installed. This will help you make a more informed decision.

Rough-in Measurement

Just because I placed the section last doesn’t mean it’s the least important factor to consider, in fact, it’s the other way round. Before you head to the market or browse the web to purchase a flushing toilet online, it’s imperative that you take the measurement of the wall from the center of the bolts, right from the base of the existing toilet in your bathroom. Pin down the models that offer 11-12 inch rough-in distances.

Toto CST45CEFG-01 Drake II

Editor Rating:

Toto Drake series toilets are one of the company’s best-selling product line-ups of all time. Drake II is synonymous to brilliant flushing performance and incredibly low water consumption.

The thunderous flushing with one twist of button is a result of the Double Cyclone Flushing System that uses two nozzles instead of rim holes to generate a powerful centrifugal action.

A generous amount of water passes through the nozzles to create enough pressure to thrust the waste material down the toilet. The unique touch in Drake II comes from its computer-designed 2-1/4 inch trapway specifically designed to handle large volume of waste.

The toilet seat is made from the finest quality vitreous china while the ion additive glazed SanaGloss surface blocks the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria and mildew. This surface makes cleaning the toilet less of a chore.

The ADA compliant model provides comfortable seating to both children and adults as the seat does not dig into your thighs, leaving marks. Instead, the elongated bowl gives ample support to your legs. According to Toto's claims, you can save 20% off your monthly water bill by using the dual flush system of Drake II. The Drake II only takes 1.28 gallons of water per flush, and is enough to leave your toilet bowl tidy and shiny, even after several uses. The noise-free operation and slow-closing lid leaves with a satisfactory toilet experience. To top it off, it provides variable flushing functions for various cleaning needs.

Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet

Editor Rating:

Toto's Ultramax Toilet is another highly-ranked one-piece toilet with an array of useful features fused into it. Ultramax is another popular product line-up of the company apart from Drake.

This Toto toilet's flushing system takes flushing technology to the next level by having a flush valve that is 3-inches wide, replacing the standard 2-inch valves. Ultramax uses the cutting edge G-Max flushing system to push 1.6 gallons of water to the bowl in a few seconds to generate forceful siphoning action to jet the waste material down through the 2-1/8-inch fully glazed trapway.

Both the tank and the bowl are glazed inside and out with ion additives to create ultra-smooth SanaGloss surface that prevents the build-up of germs and bacteria. The toilet consists of a high-impact polypropylene plastic SoftClose seat, equipped with a SoftClose hinge system to facilitate slow seat closing and easy cleaning. In the box, you will also find molded bumpers and high-gloss. Ultramax is one of the best toilets for its price range having ultra-powerful flushing and maximum water efficiency.

Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II Toilet

Editor Rating:

The credibility of a flushing toilet is evaluated by its ability to flush down the feces residual with each flush. 

Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II has all that it takes to prepare a perfectly clean and hygienic toilet for its next user. Instead of rim holes, Ultramax II integrates dual nozzles to actuate its Double Cyclone Flushing System. In order to activate the siphoning action, it creates a power centrifugal motion in the bowl to allow maximum water to pass through the bowl and rim. This special mechanism helps pull voluminous waste material down the spacious 2-1/4 inch trapway without clogging the toilet.

Toto deserves accolades for building the most water efficient toilet models of this century, and the Ultramax II is no exception. Only 1.28 gallons of water does the job perfectly, and in a noise-free manner. The ceramic china bowl is coated with catalyzed ions both inside and out to form a smooth SanaGloss surface to resist the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold or any other particle that causes stain or odor build-up. Thus, extending the longevity of the toilet and reducing the labor of cleaning the toilet rigorously at the same time.

Ultramax II offers a high-gloss SoftClose seat that closes gently, getting  rid of the jolting toilet seat slam. The construction is approved by ADA, the height of the toilet is 2-inches higher than a regular toilet seat, making it easier for elderly people and folks with severe back or knee pain to get on and off the seat without putting too much strain on the legs.

Toto MS964214CEFG-01 Eco Soiree Elongated One-Piece Toilet

Eagle Bath WS-501

Editor Rating:

For those who want a luxurious bathroom decorated with the finest fittings, the Toto Eco Soiree has a lot to offer you. 

It does cost a bit more than its rivals, but the wonderful design merged with the best-in-class technology is worth every penny. From the chrome finished bowl to the tank, everything about this luxurious toilet is a genuine match for a sophisticated bathroom.

Besides that elegant design, Eco Soiree scores equally well in the technical department. It uses Toto’s special Double Cyclone Flushing system to eliminate every tiny trace of solid waste from the bowl with a single flush. The toilet's dimension ratio is excellent for spacious bathrooms. Also, the SoftSeat cover closes the seat slowly, instead of slamming it down.

The dual cyclone flushing mechanism is the most water efficient method to removing toilet waste. Cleaning the toilet requires no extra hassle of spraying expensive chemicals, because as the SanaGloss glaze on the bowl surface inhibits the accumulation and growth of bacteria, mold and mildew around the toilet seat.

Toto MS864114-01 Supreme Elongated One-piece Toilet

Editor Rating:

Here comes another posh flushing toilet from the house of the master craftsmen of Japan. 

The name of the model is a bit misleading as the product is available in both elongated and round shapes. It utilizes the beasty gravity flush method for faster cleaning and tank refilling. The extra wide 3-inch flushing valve is the major technical highlight. Being 1-inch wider than the standard 2-inch units reduces the chances of clogging to zero on one hand and increases the capacity to flush massive waste on the other.

The computer-designed trapway also plays a pivotal role in the entire process. The elongated version is recommended only if you have a lot of space to spare in your bathroom. The installation method is a bit complicated (obvious for fancy products like this), you should call only an expert plumber to install this toilet.

Advantages of Having the Right Toilet

The best toilet offers the best pumping capacity. You know you have invested your money in the right product when all the feces residue is removed from every little nook of the bowl in a single flush, using not more than the standard 1.6 GPF. Dual flush toilets are the best at this business. Most of them use less than a gallon of water to full clean and get the toilet ready for the next use.

Summing up the Article

Toto is more than just a fancy brand, the name is associated with a rich legacy and trust of millions of customers worldwide. Toto flushing toilets are more on the expensive side of the cost spectrum, so, if you’re running on a shoe-string budget, owning one might be hard for you. If you’re able to stretch your wallet a little more, you will find plenty of options in the medium price range. Looking at the sheer variety of designs, amalgamated with the finest toilet technology, Toto is a brand worth saving and spending money on.

  • Updated February 5, 2019
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