sANIFLOThe Saniflo 023 Sanicompact toilet is ideal for smaller bathrooms where conventional toilets wouldn’t fit. This toilet consists of a vitreous china bowl and a macerator pump. The Sanicompact is one of the most water-efficient in its class, consuming only 1 GPF. As it is made of vitreous china, it is quite long-lasting. The toilet itself weighs only 62.2 pounds.

Furthermore, it features the right height seat. Without the seat, this toilet has a height of 18.5 inches. This makes it ideal for both the people with movement disabilities and the elderly. The pump of the Sanicompact is also quite powerful and can pump up to 100 feet horizontally.

Not only that, but it can also pump up to 9 feet vertically. Plus, the elongated shape of the bowl makes the Saniflo 023 Sanicompact toilet very comfortable.

✅ Water-efficient
✅ Quite comfortable
✅ Lightweight
Comes only in white color

2. Liberty Pumps ASCENT II ESW 1/2  HP Macerating Toilet

img class=”aligncenter wp-image-8063 size-full” src=”” alt=”Liberty Pumps ASCENT II” width=”375″ height=”500″ />
Consumption 1.28 GPF
Color White
Weight 110 pounds
Shape Elongated

Liberty Pumps ASCENT IIAs macerating units tend to clog occasionally, due to the sensitive macerating mechanism, Liberty Pumps used an advanced RazorCut technology for the ASCENTII-ESW. Furthermore, this package also includes the toilet seat. To be even more convenient, it features the removable service panel. This allows you to quickly access the maceration chamber without disconnecting the whole plumbing.

This model requires 1.9V batteries, which are included in the package. What makes this unit quite comfortable is the elongated bowl shape. This cutting mechanism has the voltage of 115V and the wattage of 920W. Moreover, the ASCENTII-ESW 1/2 HP is pretty simple to install as it requires the simple floor mounted method. Plus, it is WaterSense certified.

✅ EPA WaterSense certified
✅ Comes with a toilet seat
✅ Simple to install
A little pricey

3. Jabsco 37010 Series Electric Marine Toilet

Jabsco 37010 Series
Consumption 1.28 GPF
Color White
Weight 30 pounds
Shape Round

Jabsco 37010 SeriesIf you are looking for a high-quality macerating toilet, Jabsco 37010 Series Electric Marine is another great choice. This toilet has a sleek, minimalistic design. The bowl is white-colored and made out of vitreous china. Furthermore, this model features a baked enamel cover and seat. This product is also quite lightweight.

The Jabsco 37010 has a flexible impeller flush pump and a bowl scavenger pump. Another great thing about this toilet is the fully enclosed permanent magnet type motor with a stainless steel shaft. It also has backflow preventer built-in. This is a single flush system with a simple push-button switch.

✅ Very lightweight
✅ Compact
✅ Simple to use
Not the most comfortable option

4. Five Oceans TMC Marine Electric Toilet

Five Oceans TMC Marine
Consumption 1.28 GPF
Color White
Weight 33 pounds
Shape Round

Five Oceans TMCThe Five Oceans TMC toilet is a high-quality, convenient macerating toilet. The design itself is similar to the Jabsco 37010. This macerating toilet is slightly heavier than the previous one, weighing 33 pounds. The sleek, white-colored design allows this toilet to blend in any bathroom style easily.

Another cool feature of the Five Oceans TMC toilet is the smart flush control. Furthermore, this model features a soft closing lid.

This way you can have a piece of mind while going to the bathroom during the night, as the toilet lid won’t slam and wake up everybody. The dimensions of the Five Oceans TMC toilet are 20” x 17” x 17”.

✅ Soft-close lid included
✅ Smart flush control
Slightly expensive

5. INTELFLO-WC53 600 Watt One Piece Macerating Toilet

INTELFLO-WC53 600 Watt One Piece Macerating Toilet
Consumption 0.75/1.0 GPF
Color White
Weight 58.8 pounds
Shape Round

INTELFLO-WC53This model is one of the best macerating toilets you can find in this price range. The dual flush system is quite environmentally friendly and makes this toilet even more water efficient. While using the full flush, only 1 GPF is consumed. On the other hand, the partial flush only consumes 0.75 GPF. Toilet tank isn’t necessary here as the system activates and performs the flushing automatically.

This toilet can be installed in various locations such as your basement, ground floor, loft/attic, or upper floor. Furthermore, the INTELFLO-WC53 is quite easy to install under the stairway, in a bedroom, and garage conversion. The bowl of the INTELFLO-WC53 is round-shaped. The pump has the power to pump up to 20 feet vertically and even 150 feet horizontally.

✅ Powerful pump
✅ Dual flush system
✅ Automatic flushing
Not very comfortable

6. Thetford Marine Nano ECO Macerating Toilet

 Thetford Marine Nano
Consumption 0.1 – 0.7 GPF
Color White
Weight 45.3 pounds
Shape Round

 Thetford Marine Nano The Marine Nano Eco is one of the smallest and shortest toilets among the macerating units. With the height of only 11.6 inches, this toilet makes an ideal choice for the kids. It is made out of Italian vitreous china and thus, is extremely durable. Aside from that, the Marine Nano Eco comes along with a soft-closing toilet seat.

The system is pretty fast isn’t noisy while operating. Although this toilet is very tiny, it weighs 45.3 pounds. Furthermore, the Marine Nano Eco features a rocket-style flush switch. In order to install this system you have to buy the install kit with an ECO switch separately.

✅ Long-lasting
✅ Ideal for kids
Not the most powerful option

Installation Methods

As these toilets are not installed over the drain line, you don’t have to break up the floor. They still need to be bolted down just like the conventional ones. Now, there are two possible methods:

Standard Method

The standard method is installing the maceration chamber behind the bowl. In this method all you need to do is connect the drain on the back to the macerating unit. The downside to this method is that the maceration chamber will detract the looks of your bathroom.

Behind The Wall Method

This method is much more desirable if you want your toilet to blend in your bathroom decor. In order to install your toilet using this method you will need to extend the pipe going from the macerating unit into the back of the toilet. You must do this before enclosing the wall. Still, you need to make sure you can always access the maceration unit. In order to be able to access the maceration chamber leave an access panel.

Dual Flush vs. Single Flush

Dual flush toilets, regardless of whether they are upflush or not, are way better for the environment. With these toilets you can choose between two different flush options, allowing you to save water. Aside from decreasing your water bills, this also helps conserve one of the most precious resources. However, most macerating units out there use a single flush technology.

Porcelain vs. Plastic

Not all the macerating toilets are made out of porcelain and plastic. There are also models made of ceramic and chinaware. However, macerating toilets sometimes tend to look different than the standard ones. Therefore, if you want to get a model that resembles a conventional toilet, you should aim for the porcelain and chinaware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Switch All the Toilets in My House to Macerating Toilets?

Definitely not! Macerating toilets are an ideal solution when you want to install a toilet in an unconventional location such as your basement. However, they have pretty sophisticated inner workings inside the maceration unit. Therefore, they will most likely start getting clogged more often as you use them. So, it isn’t that they couldn’t do the job, but why would you take a risk if you don’t need to.

Can These Toilets Grind Things Such As a Chewing Gum or Dental Floss?

Unfortunately, no. What’s more, you should avoid putting anything aside from specialized toilet paper and natural human waste inside them. The mechanism of the maceration unit is quite sensitive. Therefore, anything you flush down the toilet stands a great chance of causing a clog.

Final Thoughts

Macerating toilets are ideal when the standard toilets are not an option. Many have a similar design to the standard ones, aside from the macerating chamber behind them. The INTELFLO-WC53 is the most powerful and water-efficient macerating toilet from this list. It is also stylish and will blend in any bathroom decor. Furthermore, the pump of this unit is also very powerful. Still, if you are looking for something more comfortable, you should take a look at the Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW.

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