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A beautiful clean toilet is one of the most often overlooked valuable asset for any household, office or hotel room. From high end, luxurious toilets to affordable, compact models for home owners, the technology-driven 21st century has a lot to offer for prospective toilet buyers.

Kohler, a brand synonymous with class makes some of the most elegant, artistically designed flushing toilets on the market today. The fusion of state-of-the-art flushing systems and exuberant construction by Kohler, often gives industry-giants like Toto a good run for their money. If you’re planning to replace your existing toilet with a new one, a Kohler model would be a nice one to begin with.

Toilets are long-term investments. When you purchase a toilet, you expect it to last for at least 10-15 years. Kohler products, such as bathroom and kitchen fittings, are more than mere charming looks. They are made from the toughest ceramic, finished with chrome and glazed with catalyzed ion for bacteria resistance.

Have you ever been curious as to why there’s so much hype around this brand? Is it really worth it or is it just another overrated brand for wealthy buyers? This article is dedicated to answer all your questions with proper explanations. If you’re planning to purchase a Kohler product and not sure whether it would be a right decision or not, keep on reading.


Kohler Toilet

Water Consumption


Editor Rating

1.28 GPF

Mid Range

1.28 GPF

Mid Range

1.0 GPF

High End

1.60 GPF

Mid Range



Kohler K-3609 Cimarron

Editor Rating:

Smart shopaholics who know a thing or two about Kohler, are sure to be acquainted with this model. The Kohler K-3609 Cimarron has inspired the design of many budding manufacturers. It’s essentially a two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl, allowing enough room for your posterior to rest upon.

This high performance toilet, from Kohler, marries Class Five Flushing Technology with classic Kohler toilet designs, a combination very hard to  resist. The special mechanism facilitates a massive water volume flow per unit to the bowl for siphonic cleaning action. One major upside, it flushes very discreetly, so you don't get embarrassed at your next dinner party!

The canister valve housed along with a wide trapway makes powerful flushing possible with the use of California standard 1.28 GPF. The spacious trapway aids the elimination of large volumes of human waste in a quick time, leaving no leftovers taint the toilet bowl.


Cimarron’s exclusive DryLock system helps maintain the sanitation of your bathroom at the finest levels. The toilet seat height is ideal for people of all ages to enjoy a satisfactory toilet experience.

Kohler K-3810 Santa Rosa Toilet

Editor Rating:

The Santa Rosa series holds the most visually-stunning, artistic design made by Kohler. It removes feces marks from every nook and cranny of the bowl by generating tremendous flushing action.

Its Class Five Flushing System creates incredibly powerful water pressure to thrust any amount of waste deep down the sewage system in one go. The tank refills in less than a few seconds to prepare it for the second flush. Construction-wise, it’s a one-piece toilet incorporating seamless bowl and tank design for easy maintenance.

As it’s a Comfort Height toilet, adults, elderly, and especially people with knee problems will find it extremely easy to sit and rise up from the seat. There are two minor glitches which can’t be overlooked. One is the noise during flushing which can be a bit uncomfortable during the night. Secondly, as a one-piece toilet, it is very heavy. You’ll need at least two people to help you set it up.

Kohler San Raphael Comfort Toilet

Editor Rating:

The Kohler San Raphael Comfort Toilet has the coolest features encapsulated in a modern-looking, compact toilet. What distinguishes San Raphael from other Kohler models is the application of the unique twin touch flush actuator.

Dual flush and twin touch flush are almost similar. Both make use of a partial-flush for liquid waste and full-flush mode for solid waste. The one-piece elongated design is suitable for most home bathrooms, large or small.

The delightful range of colors allows you the liberty to decorate your bathrooms just the way your heart wishes. The elongated bowl is a standard 12” in dimension. On the brighter side, the flushing system meets EPA guidelines and has earned itself a WaterSense label, highlighting its ability to use 20% less water than a regular 1.6 gallon model. The installation process is fairly easy, but you will need a Class A GFCI outlet to get maximum flushing performance from it.

Kohler Memoirs Two Piece Toilet

Editor Rating:

As the name suggests, it is a two piece toilet, featuring a separate tank and bowl. The inspiration of the design came from the stunning architectural flamboyance of the Memoirs Suite with Stately design.

The traditional appearance is merged with Kohler’s high water efficiency system, requiring only 1.28 gallons of water to rinse waste residues from the toilet bowl. The round bowl shape coupled with a convenient seat height is a relief for people with severe knee pain and the elderly.

The shipping weight of the product is around 80 pounds which is fine for two people to set up. The flushing action might be a little noisy, due to the powerful sucking action during the flush.

Kohler Peonis and Ivy Revival Toilet

Editor Rating:

There is a special breed of consumer who would bombard the internet with research, visit each and every hardware store in their city to find that one perfect toilet that’d perfectly compliment the decor of their bathroom, that’s so me!

Beyond the charming appearance, there’s a lot more to look forward to. It devises the Ingenium (R) flushing system to regulate the amount of water that passes through the rim holes during a flush.


The exterior is made from Biscuit Vitreous China and bedecked with colorful green ivy rose, shades of peony blossoms, cream and lavender. The material is capable of withstanding the wear and tear of time and stunt the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus and particles around the seat.

The Emergence of Kohler

Kohler was a brainchild of David Kohler and Herbert Kohler Jr. who founded the company in 1873. It began its humble journey by manufacturing plumbing fixtures, engines, cabinetry and generators. Kohler gradually went on to become one of the brightest names in the world of plumbing attires. Their enamel coated bathtub earned them worldwide popularity.

The new Kohler models have retained their good old classic designs, upgrading the function by incorporating the latest technologies. From the common one and two-piece equipments to the lesser known touchless flush toilets, Kohler bath furnishings will match the ambience and setting of your bathroom, adding to it its own touch of glamour.

Best Steam Room

What Makes Kohler Toilets Better than the Rest?

Kohler toilets are available in medium and high price ranges. It has the best features to render comfortable flushing experiences and trouble-free installation. If you are well aware of the rough-in measurement of the area you want the toilet to be installed, choosing the right configuration will be even easier for you.

Keeping in mind the preference of adults, physically challenged, kids and elders, the manufacturers have created taller Comfort Height models for reduced pressure on your knees while getting up from the seat.

The U.S regulation of allowing maximum 1.6 gallon of water per flush was a step towards conserving the most valuable natural resource on Earth, water. All the Kohler products comply with these laws and mandates. As a matter of fact, the dual flush type models consume less than 1 gallon of water for effective flushing effect, aiding in higher water efficiency.

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The top-rated products under their label could totally transform the way your bathroom looks, leaving your relatives, friends and colleagues green with envy. Choosing the best Kohler toilet from a bunch of lucrative options becomes lot less arduous when you are educated about the primary qualities to carefully examine whilst shopping.

Kohler Toilets - Good and Bad

An average brand is satisfied when the sales of their products are high, but not big brands like Kohler. Despite of having an overwhelming fan base all over the globe, Kohler has always been single-mindedly focused upon turning better into the best.

Their toilets were the first of their kind to introduce the feature of manually increasing the water speed for different cleaning requirements. Their touchless flush toilets have created quite the buzz among their customers. The ease of installation is not comparable to any other brand. A plumber won’t charge you big money for setting up a Kohler toilet which requires only a couple of basic tools and techniques.

Basic Features to Look for in a Toilet

Flushing quality

The ability to flush the solid waste with a single flush, leaving a clean bowl is the first thing to research while checking out the product specs. The better the flushing mechanism, the faster the waste material will be jetted down the drain line.

If it takes more than one flush to get the system properly cleaned, it’s not worth your time or money. Another common issue with toilets is clogging. Examine the width of the trapway and flush valve thoroughly. Anything from the standard 2 inch or above will inhibit the chances of clogging.

Low Water-Consumption

According to a survey, in an average U.S home, 30% of a family’s total water consumption per day is used for flushing purpose. This figure is huge and alarming at the same time.

In 1995, the U.S Department of Energy Standard limits the amount used by any toilet per flush to 1.6 gallons. The best toilet models in the market meet this they meet the California standard of 1.28 GPF. Look for a WaterSense label on the product which is a clear indicative of the high water efficiency of the model.

Flushing Technology

Gravity flushing mechanisms are considered to be the most powerful and quickest flushing to have ever been invented. At the standard household water pressure of 10 psi, the water spruced up from the tank washes a large volume of waste deep down the drain system, in a total silent model. Gravity fed toilets will easily fit your budget and deliver top performance for years to come.

Another option of more or less the same kind is pressure assisted toilets. The household water pressure needs to be as high as 25 psi to make the process work. Pressure-assisted toilets are ideal for large families but do cost quite a fortune.

The best value flushing technology for any home would be a dual flush system. The rather deceptive name might imply the need to flush twice but that’s not the case. Dual flushing mechanisms employs low flushing force for liquid waste and the full-flush mode for solid waste. The partial-flush mode helps save more water on the daily water intake of a family, delivering high water efficiency.

Trapways and Flush Valves

Trapways and flushing valves are like the heroes behind the scenes. It has to be wide enough to let large amount of feces pass through without jamming the trapway.

As far as the ease of cleaning is concerned, skirted and concealed trapways are the most convenient to clean. The function of a flush valve is to release water from the tank to the bowl. While two inches is the standard width, some high-end models have opted for a 3-4 inch flush valve to activate cyclonic flushing action.

Apart from these major features, there are other aspects such as bowl shape and height, the rough-in dimension of your toilet, weight to dimension ratio of the toilet, flappers, noise-reduction ability, toilet seat design etc. to name a few.

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The industry of plumbing fixtures is growing bigger and better with time. Top-notch companies are at a tussle with each other for the title of the best. Brands like Kohler prioritize customer satisfaction over gimmicks any day. They don’t consider consumers as brain-dead creatures who would buy anything that looks good on paper.

The makers at Kohler are constantly thriving to create products suitable to the ever-changing toilet needs of the internet-smart folks, ensuring optimum seating comfort and flushing force. Some of the models I have reviewed above have left such a huge impact that new brands have started taking the lead from them.

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