Best Flushing Toilet – How to Choose the Perfect One for You

Toilets are not the kind of things you purchase daily, since it’s a long-time investment, you’d definitely want to make sure your money doesn’t go to waste (the irony...). Flushing toilets are mainly attached to the central sewage system of your residence, it should ideally remove solid waste with a single flush and that too, without being overtly noisy. Flushing power, dual or single flush, gallons per flush - these are the parameters that define the actual performance of the flushing toilet.

The new EPA WaterSense requirement of 1.6 gallon per flush promoted the manufacturers to bring some remarkable alternations in the design of their models. So, the question is, how do you find the best flushing toilet? Only the right information can help you through this.

Reviews of the Best Flushing Toilets of 2017


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Toto Supreme Elongated One Piece Toilet

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Looking at the variety of designs and technologies Toto has put at display, calling it one of the best flushing toilet manufacturers of this era doesn’t seem like an overstatement.

An independent lab test proved that Toto Supreme’s maximum performance flush rate is 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Gravity pull teamed with robust centrifugal force creates a cyclonic flushing power that effectively rinses away solid waste from every inch of the bowl. The 3 inch flushing valve (larger than the convention 2 inch valves) transfers water from the tank to the rim nozzles at a formidable speed. The elongated bowl shape provides greater comfort to your knees and butt than standard round shaped models. Since the wastage is flushed down the pipe directly towards the sewage, the annoying issue of splashing back is largely reduced.

American Standard ‘Champion-4’ One-Piece Elongated Toilet

Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8

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The American Standard Champion-4 is a mighty waste-eating beast, featuring the largest accelerator flush valve (4 inches) in toilets. It is a gravity flush type toilet with siphoning bowl that jets the waste residual through the spacious waterway in a cyclonic speed.

The fully glazed siphon trapway measures 2 3/8 inch, which is also the largest in its class. It claims to remove 70% extra solid waste than any other toilet in the same class. Its special EverClean glaze coating on the toilet surface blocks the growth of sticky stain and odour-causing bacteria around the seat. People of every height and body weight experience optimal comfort on the AD-height compliant seat.

Toto Ultramax II Double Cyclone Elongated One Piece Toilet

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The next equipment to enrol its presence in my list is a WaterSense certified, highly water saving model from the house of Toto. The 1.28 GPF water intake doesn’t hinder the cleaning ability of the system. 

The seamless exterior with almost no gaps in between boosts power flushing mechanism. The ceramic bowl coated with Toto’s exclusive Sana Gloss inhibits the build-up of bacteria and microbes that cause toilet stink. As a result, what you get at the end of every flushing is a hygienic, crystal-clean toilet. There’s nothing that can’t glide through the 2 1/8 inch trapway, clogging is something you’re rarely like to face with Toto Ultramax. Let me alert you about the big size of Ultramax which makes a legitimate choice only for big households.

Danze Orrington One Piece Toilet

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In the duopoly of Toto and American Standard, Danze Orrington is one such brand that has formed a niche for itself. Its super water efficient technology framed inside a classy, elongated toilet model takes the glamour quotient of your bathroom to the next level.

The ADA compliant 16.5 inches height of the seat gives you the ultimate comfort and optimal support on your back, hips and knees. The angle mounted tank lever makes flushing and maintenance incredibly hassle-free. Moreover, being a one-piece model adds an edge over standard toilets in terms of installation. Having a 3 inches flush valve, an inch larger than the traditional 2 inches valve, creates a strong flushing power, that too at the low water intake of 1.28 gallons.

Toto Drake II

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Double cyclone flush system is the lifeline of this wonderful water efficient model. The 2 nozzles jet down the water and air in the bowl in exhilarating speed for flawless flushing action around the rim and bowl wall.

Special credit goes to the 1.28 GPF maximum flushing rate that helps you spend the valuable water frugally. It also saves you a handsome sum on repair and maintenance, all the thanks to the Sana Gloss coating on the bowl. It prevents stain build-up and development of bacteria and fungi, ensuring indelible sanitation in your bathroom all day long.

The American Standard Siphonic Dual Flush Two-Piece Toilet

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Staunch siphonic dual flush type toilets are the champion when it comes to engaging the most impactful flushing technology in modern, well-furnished bathrooms.In this American Standard model, the primary flushing (or full flush) rate is 1.6 GPF whereas the secondary flushing (or half flushing) capacity is 1.0 GPF.

While the latter option can steadily eliminate liquid waste with a single flush, opting for the full flush mode will wipe off stain from the most obscure corner of the bowl without going overboard with water consumption.

Advantages of Buying a Flushing Toilet

Best Flushing Toilet

The best flushing toilets in the market can be characterized by one common feature, less use of water per flush. Premium range flush toilets are capable of cleaning the bowl surface with less than a gallon of water, which not only means you save a considerable amount of money on your water bill, but also positively contribute towards natural resource conservation. Successful utilization of double cyclone flushing technology in modern flushing toilets has empowered them with greater flushing force.

Half-cleaned toilet bowl is the ultimate harbinger of the worst nightmare imaginable. Leave aside the visual horror, what about the poop odour created by the residual build up that seems to tear apart your olfactory nerves? Fortunately, these thoughtfully designed toilets flush the waste immediately from the bowl, ensuring no residue is left over to cause stink.

Another reason you should definitely consider buying a flushing toilet is freedom from the pathetic chore of scrubbing the toilet bowl frequently. The steady flushing system ensures the bowl remains clear and hygienic with every flush on its own.

Next notable benefit of installing a well-designed toilet is the personal comfort. From rounded to elongated toilet bowls, the best flushing toilet manufacturers efficiently cater to your versatile toilet needs. Chrome plated models are specially known for adding an extra layer of stability to the trip lever.

Lastly, we shouldn’t forget acknowledging the lessened expense on maintenance and repairing. Quality plumbing fixtures don’t pose the risk of clogging your pipe system anytime soon. Therefore, you won’t have to put the plumber’s number on your speed-dial anymore.

Useful Tips to Buy the Best Flushing Toilet

Bowl Design

What style and design of bowl will maximize the comfort should be a big concern for you. Majority of the households in many countries uses wash down or siphonic style toilets which channelize air in the bowl through the sewage system followed by flushing down the water through the pipe. The procedure causes mild noise and leaves almost no room for clogging.

Another sub-type is wash out toilets which is more commonly seen in luxury hotel toilets. In this case, a large trap filled with a small amount of water remains concealed beneath the main bowl. The trap opens and splashes water in the bowl with full force to thrust the solid waste down the pipeline towards the sewers.

What Type of Flush to Look for?

There are two basic categories of flush toilets according to the mechanism they are manoeuvred by. Gravity flush toilets are known for their quiet operation and mostly devised in A-list models. The system rinses off the solid and liquid waste residue from the bowl by pumping out water and air from within the central pipe. While premium fixtures can actuate faster cleaning of large amount of waste, more often than not, their budget counterparts fail to provide satisfactory output.

Pressure Assist Flushing Toilets belong to the expensive category of flushing toilets. Expensive because the technology used in these equipments require a complex arrangement of components to cope up with a specific household water pressure. A tiny water tank releases water and air in the bowl with great force to siphon off the dropping quickly. Do not expect it to take care of the piss without making noise.

Household Water Usage

This is another major factor to evaluate carefully while searching for that perfect flushing toilet for your residence. Toilets with high power flushing deliver excellent water efficiency. But these toilets demand a more intricate and staunch design to carry out the function properly on low water usage. You may also choose a dual flush toilet with the combined goodness of both high water and low water flushes. It lets you conserve water by allowing to choose between normal full flush and low water flush options. There are two dedicated buttons for each function.

Gallons per Flush

The new regulation of maximum 1.6 gallon per flush has prompted the makers to chalk out designs highly compliant to low water usage. Earlier, the designs were hailed for using 3.5 gallons of water have lost relevance. For steady water conservation, eye for a branded low water consumption model that uses 1.6-1.8 gallons per flush. The latest models of Toto have raised the bar by utilising a technology that reduces the water volume to 1.0 gallon per flush.


The physical design of the toilet should be able to heighten the comfort of your knees, back and hips. Round shaped toilets are extremely common in household toilets as they fit into small-medium bathrooms easily. If you have sufficient room for a bigger toilet, an elongated flushing toilet will serve you the best. Those who don’t mind throwing up some extra cash an also consider high end models offering custom options like customized seat height, flushing mechanism etc.

Coming to the mechanical design, components like trapway size, rim design and flush valve demand special attention. For faster and effective flushing, the larger the trapway size, the better. Reliable models use a fully glazed trapway measuring around 2 3/8 inches which releases a soothing fragrance after every flush. Seamless ream design with no small holes facilitates silent flushing. A standard 2-3 inches flush valve with a flush rate from 500 to 1000 grams is good enough to remove the stickiest poop stains from the toilet wall.

Plumbing a Steady Toilet System

Over the decades, the designs and mechanism of toilets have gone through stark improvisations. The modern flushing toilets are exclusively designed to save water and aid noise-cancellation as much as possible during the flushing.ith so much change in the design, it’s obvious that plumbing requisites for these toilets have also altered remarkably. If your plumbing knowledge doesn’t expand beyond measuring the rough-in, don’t hesitate calling an expert plumber to tackle the job.

Most toilets weigh more than 100 pounds now-a-days. In order to have a safer and steadier toilet experience, make sure to have strong anchors to fix the toilet to the subfloor. Don’t stop at that. Use studs to provide good support to the equipment on the floor. If you have chosen an ADA compliant toilet seat, the height of the bowl is going to be nearly 16.5 inches. In that case, the plumbing method might be a little complex.

Summing up the Flushing Toilet Saga

Even if there’s golden rule of finding the best flushing toilet, it’s yet to be caught on my radar. In a humble effort you save you the hard work of researching, I’ve tried explaining the major details as briefly as possible. All the products I’ve mentioned in the list are completely my own choices. Feel free to disagree anytime. As long as you have a basic idea as to how these toilets function and what technologies could maximize the sanitation in your toilet, you got the drift. The rest is left up to your judgement. Browse the web, visit hardware stores, check out a couple of products, compare their features and decide for yourself. Not as hard as it seemed earlier, right?

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