Review of American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet

My previous toilet was like any other toilet that consumed a lot of water. I had to change it and get a new one eventually. A lot of friends suggested me to buy this American Standard two piece toilet and I must tell you I have never been so satisfied. With great water saving capacity, it also has an ever clean surface that will keep your bowl always clean as it hinders the bloom of any kind of stain or worms on the surface. Also, it is super quite and does not make a lot of noise while flushing. Let me tell you more about the product to help you choose wisely.


  • This American two piece toilet is a gravity flush toilet that enables maximum water savings.
  • It has a Siphon jet bowl technology that comes with a power wash rim.
  • The flush is very quiet and you wouldn’t even realize that it is actually flushing until you see the water. Even the refill of the tank is not very loud and happens without disturbing anybody. So you won’t be afraid of waking up anybody in the middle of the night.
  • It has an H2Option that uses very less water for every flush which again leads to water conservation as well as high performance. You are in absolute control of the flush with H2Option. You can choose between partial and full flushes for an increased conservation of water.
  • It comes with an ever clean surface feature. This feature negates the growth of any kind of smelly bacteria or stains or molds on the surface of the toilet. This ensures a cleaner toilet all through the year.

What I Liked

Water Conservation

With an innovative and all new H2Option, this toilet leaves the power to your hands. Using this feature, you can perform either full flushes or partial ones. This way, you can easily control the use of water leading to increased water sense. Given that toilets are one of the primary sources of water usage, this feature is of great help and largely contributes to water conservation.


Another impressive feature that tags along is one that ensures cleanliness all throughout. The ever clean feature prevents the breeding of stains or bacteria and keeps the surface worm free, thereby, greatly contributing to essential cleanliness. I am a lazy person and I was quite relieved to discover that I have to do bare minimum to keep my toilet clean.


A bit more than the standard height of a chair, it is quiet feasible. With a standard height, the toilet provides a comfortable seating for people over any age. With not so big profile, the toilet is good both in looks and feels.

What I Disliked

It does not come with a toilet seat and that is not something I expected. When I used my old toilet’s seat cover to cover this one, it turned out to be too large for this one. Not a deal-breaker but the makers should take this into notice.

Sum up

My disappointments are perhaps not too big. Overall it is a very efficient toilet. With high capacity and innovative and creative features, it ensures to conserve water at the best. It comes with a brilliant water sense and even provides cleanliness all throughout its presence. It provides high performance and efficiency with its variety of features. A very satisfactory buy, I would definitely suggest you to have a try of this product if you’re on a budget.  

  • Updated January 20, 2019
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